Indian Gurus And Unsafe Yoga Camp

Indian Gurus And Unsafe Yoga Camp

Yoga - the​ oldest system of​ personal development needs no introduction nowadays. Its popularity can be estimated by the​ fact that more than 15 million people practice yoga in​ USA alone. Almost every health club in​ a​ country like UK has yoga classes. in​ India where the​ yoga system was originated it​ was not practiced on​ mass level until couple of​ years ago. of​ course,​ yoga was taught as​ a​ free service for years by organization like Bhartiya Yog Sansthan in​ public park but never before as​ an​ unquestionable and unsafe mass hysteria.

Recently with the​ help of​ TV channels the​ whole concept of​ Yoga has rejuvenated in​ India. Baba Ramdev Ji,​ the​ Indian ‘yoga guru’ has started teaching yoga to​ the​ masses to​ the​ extent of​ millions of​ people.

It is​ really good that now people in​ India are developing healthy habits by waking up early in​ the​ morning followed by energizing yoga practice,​ thanks to​ TV channels and Baba Ramdev. as​ Yoga exercises have tremendous physical and medical benefits which help people to​ get rid of​ various diseases,​ it​ is​ good that those TV channels and Baba Ramdev and others are doing marvelous work to​ help the​ nation to​ get rid of​ diseases.

However,​ like every other science,​ yoga is​ also a​ precise science. the​ question is: ‘Are all yoga exercises safe to​ teach through the​ TV media and can the​ same exercise be taught to​ all people with various health conditions?’
“This is​ the​ question which requires deeper digging into the​ subject of​ yoga itself otherwise the​ consequences of​ doing yoga practice could be more dangerous than beneficial” said Subodh Gupta,​ Yoga expert from India.

Let us understand how:
There are some breathing exercises like simple alternate nostril breathing (without holding the​ breath),​ which can be taught easily without much complications and have various benefits. However,​ at​ the​ same time some of​ the​ exercises,​ for example: kapalabhati breathing technique which is​ taught to​ the​ masses is​ quite questionable. “This exercise even though having tremendous benefits,​ can be equally dangerous if​ somebody has heart disease or​ problem related to​ hernia” said Subodh. ‘Will it​ help or​ rather make the​ hernia and heart problem worse?’ considering the​ fact that many Indians suffer from hernia and heart problem. For example,​ according to​ the​ ‘National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse’ (NDDIC),​ potential causes for hernia include anything that creates increased pressure in​ the​ abdomen. This includes: coughing,​ vomiting,​ straining/constipation,​ etc. Now considering this information what about the​ forceful exhalation which people do while practicing kapalabhati or​ other pranayama exercises and how far these can be dangerous for people having hernia? Perhaps medical expert can better answer this question in​ more details.

Similarly there are number of​ other yoga postures which require great precautions. as​ we​ all have different body structures and different fitness level,​ conducting same exercises (apart from very few which are comparatively safe) for 30000 people in​ a​ camp without checking their medical conditions is​ quite questionable.

Also ‘Are the​ instructions about kapalabhati and other yoga exercises safely delivered by Gurus?’ ‘Are they ensuring that people are following their practices safely?’ ‘Is it​ really safe for the​ beginner to​ learn yoga only through the​ TV channels?’
“Well,​ it​ is​ a​ serious question for the​ swami Ramdev Ji and others who are teaching yoga to​ masses to​ answer” said Subodh Gupta.

If seems that in​ India there is​ no governing body which understands the​ fragility of​ adverse impact of​ yoga exercises if​ done in​ improper way. No doubt yoga is​ effective for treating various diseases and a​ noble effort has been taken by Swami Ramdev and organizations like Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana but unless these exercises are not done in​ a​ proper system and with supervision,​ the​ whole concept of​ yoga teaching will become more of​ mockery or​ maybe it​ has already become. Perhaps in​ near future when the​ ill effect of​ unsafe yoga practice will come to​ the​ limelight,​ the​ media will come up with great news stating that 50 or​ 100 million Indians are making fun with yoga everyday in​ front of​ TV and playing with their health.

Issued in​ public interest by Subodh Gupta,​ for all those who are beginners and are learning yoga through TV,​ video cassette,​ DVD or​ in​ camps with hundreds of​ other people.

Indian Gurus And Unsafe Yoga Camp

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