Incorporating LSI Into Your Web Site Marketing Strategies

If you​ want your web site to​ be a​ success,​ your web site marketing strategies must keep up with the​ changes made by various search engines. Search engine marketing is​ constantly evolving,​ and webmasters need to​ evolve with it. Search engine marketing changes that must be addressed and incorporated into your marketing strategies for increased web site traffic include Latent Semantic Indexing,​ also known as​ LSI.

What is​ LSI?

Patented in​ 1988,​ LSI was first incorporated into Google's ranking system in​ 2018. the​ LSI concept is​ groundbreaking for search engine marketing and web site marketing strategies because it​ changes the​ way a​ search engine interprets and ranks web pages. With the​ old ranking system,​ relevant pages were determined by keywords and keyword phrases alone. if​ the​ search engine didn't find any keywords,​ the​ page was considered irrelevant to​ the​ user,​ and ranked accordingly. This left many webmasters scrambling to​ jam their pages with keywords for increased web site traffic.

Changing Your Web Site Marketing Strategies

LSI significantly changes the​ way webmasters need to​ use search engine marketing for increased web site traffic,​ because the​ search engine will be looking at​ a​ page in​ the​ same way a​ human does—concentrating on​ content and relevancy,​ and essentially classifying the​ web page as​ a​ whole.

For webmasters who use web site marketing strategies that rely heavily on​ pages that incorporate only one keyword or​ keyword phrase,​ and do not include other content that is​ semantically close and relevant,​ this could be a​ problem,​ and may result in​ decreased rather than increased web site traffic. Webmasters,​ who on​ the​ other hand,​ have developed web pages and web site marketing strategies that rely on​ natural content that incorporates both keywords and keyword alternatives,​ should have no problem. They will see increased web site traffic without having to​ change their search engine marketing techniques.

If you​ are wondering how you​ can implement web site marketing strategies that achieve increased web site traffic and are more compatible with LSI,​ you​ should focus on​ creating quality content that includes keywords,​ keyword alternatives,​ and mixed anchor text. Including variation and words that relate to​ the​ general theme of​ the​ page will be the​ best technique you​ can employ now that the​ rules of​ search engine marketing have changed.

The key is​ to​ move forward and not get frustrated with the​ change. LSI is​ a​ positive step for search engines and webmasters alike. By gearing your web site marketing strategies to​ compliment the​ changes,​ you​ can create a​ better web site and get the​ increased web site traffic you​ need to​ be a​ success.

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