Improving Self Esteem With Affirmations And Therapeutic Relaxation Music

Positive self-esteem is​ very important for​ our general health and​ wellness as​ human beings. Having positive self-esteem is​ also important for​ promoting any type of​ healing, whether physical, emotional or​ spiritual. Poor or​ low self-esteem on​ the other hand​ can be quite detrimental to​ our well-being and​ even our very existence. Negative self-esteem can create anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression, problems with relationships, seriously impair academic and​ job performance and​ also can generate an​ increased vulnerability to​ drug and​ alcohol abuse and​ dependency. on​ the other hand, a​ person​ with positive self-esteem tends to​ be more motivated in​ taking on​ and​ creating a​ life that he loves, living it​ powerfully and​ in​ this​ process be authentically related to​ others in​ his community. Having positive self-esteem appears to​ be necessary for​ having a​ happy and​ healthy existence regardless of​ who we are or​ what profession​ we are taking on​ in​ life.

What is​ self-esteem? We commonly think that self-esteem is​ merely about how we feel about ourselves at​ any particular moment. While seemingly existing in​ degrees, we tend to​ believe that we have positive or​ negative self-esteem and​ that we make that determination​ simply by how we feel about ourselves. However, within​ a​ conversation​ of​ Transformational Counseling, our feelings or​ emotions do not exist alone or​ have an​ independent existence. We do not just simply feel. Rather, for​ every feeling or​ emotion​ that we have, either positive or​ negative, there is​ a​ corresponding thought that we have about ourselves that generates the experience of​ self-esteem. Whether positive or​ negative, self-esteem is​ merely how our organism experiences the thoughts that the individual has about himself or​ herself. if​ a​ person​ has positive thoughts about himself he will experience positive or​ good self-esteem. on​ the other hand, if​ the individual has negative thoughts about who he thinks he is​ then he will experience poor or​ negative self-esteem. Therefore, to​ truly understand​ what self-esteem is​ all about and​ more importantly to​ be able to​ alter it​ when necessary for​ ones wellness or​ healing, we must first get it​ that self-esteem is​ really about our thinking, and​ more specifically about the thoughts that we develop or​ create about ourselves. The thoughts or​ beliefs that we have about ourselves are crucial in​ that they determine or​ create the structure of​ our experience of​ self-esteem and​ the various emotions associated with it.

We also tend to​ think of​ our self-esteem as​ being something that is​ shaped by the events that take place in​ our life, particularly those from our past. We tend to​ believe that who we think we are and​ how we feel about ourselves is​ merely the product, effect or​ caused by the experiences that we have had in​ the past, that we are who we are by virtue of​ what has happened to​ us as​ human beings. More specifically, we tend to​ think that the cause in​ the matter of​ who we think we are and​ our self-esteem is​ due to​ circumstance, situation​ or​ others, people, places and​ things. We do not tend to​ think that our self-esteem is​ something we actually developed or​ created. Within​ the work of​ transformation, it​ is​ not the past, circumstance, situation​ or​ others, that determines our underlying self-image and​ corresponding self-esteem. We created our thoughts and​ with it​ our emotions from the meaning that we gave to​ the events that took place in​ our life, especially at​ an​ early age. as​ meaning making machines we give meaning to​ everything in​ our life including and​ most importantly to​ ourselves. at​ an​ early age the meaning that we give an​ event tends to​ be made out to​ be all about us. While events do happen it​ is​ not the events that are important but rather the meaning that we give them and​ especially how we made it​ out to​ be about our identity.

Given the fact that our thoughts determine our feelings or​ emotions and​ equally important that we are truly responsible for​ their creation, to​ change or​ transform our self-esteem, how we tend to​ feel about ourselves, amounts to​ us altering how we see or​ conceive of​ ourselves in​ the world in​ the now and​ this​ work is​ our responsibility alone. it​ is​ our self-image, how we define ourselves as​ an​ individual in​ the world in​ the present, that determines our experience of​ self-esteem and​ it​ is​ this​ that we are truly responsible for​ creating and​ equally responsible for​ transforming. When we alter or​ transform our definition​ of​ ourselves in​ the present we change how we feel about ourselves and​ with it​ our experience of​ reality and​ life in​ general. if​ we do not get it​ that we are responsible for​ what we think about ourselves and​ that we are the real author of​ our self-image and​ self-esteem we will continue to​ blame something or​ some body, remain​ powerless and​ stuck in​ life. The question​ of​ how to​ actually go about altering or​ improving an​ individual’s self-esteem is​ one that has been debated for​ many years by professionals both in​ the mental health and​ addiction​ arenas.

Self-esteem can be improved or​ transformed in​ several ways. One way to​ improve ones self-esteem is​ to​ do the work of​ transformation​ as​ outlined in​ my articles, Transformational Counseling and​ The Conversation​ of​ Transformation. to​ improve ones self-esteem in​ this​ manner is​ to​ become present to​ ones self limiting belief, that which has stopped us in​ life and​ in​ the process create new possibilities for​ oneself, a​ new self-image from which to​ begin​ to​ live life into. Another way to​ improve an​ individual’s self-esteem is​ through the use of​ positive affirmations. Given that the basis of​ self-esteem is​ the thoughts that a​ person​ has about himself, an​ individual with poor or​ negative self-esteem is​ believing negative thoughts or​ ideas about who he thinks he is. The individual may think, for​ example, that he is​ “worthless” or​ “not good enough” and​ as​ a​ result will tend to​ experience poor or​ negative self-esteem. Within​ the work of​ transformation​ and​ Transformational Counseling, the thought that is​ at​ the basis or​ core of​ our self-talk is​ defined as​ a​ person’s Self Limiting Belief, the fundamental or​ core belief about who we think we are. Unless this​ core thought or​ belief that a​ person​ has about himself is​ changed or​ transformed he will continue to​ experience a​ poor or​ negative self-esteem and​ as​ a​ result of​ this​ negative thought pattern create or​ generate life experiences that will match and​ validate what they think about themselves. Given such a​ cognitive and​ emotional situation​ life will continue to​ appear as​ it​ has in​ the past and​ ones future will merely be the probable almost certain​ future.

Utilizing positive affirmations can be a​ very powerful tool for​ transforming what a​ person​ thinks about himself and​ as​ a​ result improve the individual’s self-esteem. Consistent use of​ positive affirmations will transform the negative beliefs about who a​ person​ thinks he is​ into positive ones, will begin​ to​ alter the basis and​ structure of​ his self talk or​ inner voice and​ produce a​ transformation​ from poor self-esteem to​ positive self-esteem. While utilized in​ a​ various ways, working with positive affirmations will be more effective when delivered through or​ combined with therapeutic relaxation​ music. What therapeutic relaxation​ music does to​ enhance the effect of​ positive affirmations is​ to​ create a​ very relaxed audio environment for​ the individual to​ become even more open or​ suggestive to​ the language of​ positive affirmations. When therapeutic relaxation​ music is​ combined with binaural audio tones the audio space that is​ created for​ the delivery of​ positive affirmations is​ even more relaxing and​ as​ a​ result very powerful. in​ addition​ to​ utilizing a​ unique type of​ therapeutic relaxation​ music, the infusion​ of​ either theta or​ alpha binaural tones is​ crucial for​ the success of​ this​ type of​ intervention. When therapeutic relaxation​ music and​ binaural audio tones are combined in​ this​ fashion​ the individual will experience a​ very deep state of​ relaxation​ and​ as​ a​ result be more open to​ the reception​ and​ eventual acceptance of​ the positive affirmations.

The key to​ the effective use of​ positive affirmation​ in​ this​ or​ any other type of​ intervention​ is​ consistency. The self-image and​ the negative thoughts about who a​ person​ thinks he is​ that generates his experience of​ poor or​ negative self-esteem is​ well established in​ the his belief system. in​ many cases the development of​ a​ negative self-image took years to​ create and​ has been reinforced through repetitive behavioral validation. Once a​ person​ creates and​ then believes that a​ self-limiting belief is​ true he will continually act as​ if​ it​ is​ true. this​ seemingly fundamental belief will appear to​ the person​ as​ true and​ as​ a​ result will continually be acted upon​ and​ thereby be reinforced through ones behavior. Much of​ that person’s behavior will be to​ continually validate who he thinks he is. Ones behavior will always be directed at​ supporting, reinforcing and​ validating what the person​ believes is​ true about him. While necessary for​ ones well-being and​ health, such a​ transformation​ of​ ones self-image from being basically a​ negative one to​ one that is​ fundamentally positive does not happen instantly. as​ with the development of​ an​ individual’s negative self-image, the development of​ a​ more adequate belief about the true nature of​ the individual will necessitate consistent and​ repetitive work by the person. Basic to​ this​ process is​ that the individual must fully embrace his sense of​ complete responsibility for​ the development of​ his self-image and​ also for​ its transformation. to​ do otherwise will only leave the individual feeling powerless and​ unable to​ create the life that he or​ she truly desires and​ unless there is​ consistency and​ repetition​ such a​ transformation​ will simply not happen.

Enhancing My Self Esteem is​ an​ audio product that will effectively transform the very structure of​ an​ individual’s thought or​ belief pattern, the basic ideas and​ language structure that he uses to​ define who he thinks he is​ in​ the world. this​ product was designed specially to​ change the self-talk that a​ person​ experiences on​ a​ daily basis by changing the ideas or​ beliefs that the person​ has about himself, the very foundation​ or​ backdrop of​ his inner conversation. as​ our identity is​ merely language, change the language in​ a​ person’s mind and​ his life transforms. By listening to​ this​ product an​ individual has the opportunity to​ practice or​ repeat fifty positive affirmations that will empower them to​ alter their life. Within​ a​ conversation​ of​ Transformational Counseling, committing an​ affirmation​ to​ spoken word makes it​ so or​ real especially if​ it​ is​ done repeatedly. Listening to​ positive affirmations before sleep also allows the person’s mind to​ begin​ this​ restructuring or​ reprogramming process even while the individual sleeps by taking the words and​ language into their dream state. By consistently listening to​ and​ practicing the positive affirmations in​ this​ product the individual will have the opportunity to​ begin​ to​ redefine themselves, who they think they are in​ the world, from one that is​ negative to​ one that is​ positive and​ enhancing for​ their life. With the acceptance of​ the words and​ language of​ the positive affirmations will come an​ improved self-image and​ with it​ an​ experience of​ positive self esteem.

I am currently using Enhancing My Self Esteem with all the clients that I counsel at​ the Holistic Addiction​ Treatment Program in​ North Miami Beach, Florida. All of​ the clients that I have worked with who are experiencing a​ drug and/or alcohol dependency problem also have very low self-esteem. My clients tend to​ be very depressed and​ unmotivated in​ many if​ not most of​ the various domains of​ their life, including and​ especially with their recovery. When given to​ my clients as​ homework, consistent use of​ Enhancing My Self Esteem alters how they think and​ improves how they feel about themselves. With an​ improved self-image and​ enhanced self-esteem my clients become more motivated in​ their life and​ especially with their recovery. if​ a​ person​ continues to​ experience low self-esteem and​ there is​ no intervention​ to​ disrupt the underlying cognitive process taking on​ improving their life and​ working the 12 Step Program will be meaningless and​ eventually given up completely as​ so many other things have been in​ the past. it​ is​ my belief that not altering or​ transforming the fundamental structure of​ ones self-image accounts for​ the great percentage of​ individuals who begin​ recovery and​ eventually relapse. The work that is​ essential to​ successful recovery is​ for​ the individual to​ be able to​ redefine who he thinks he is, to​ alter his self-image, the very foundation​ of​ his experience of​ self-esteem and​ life. Who the individual believes he is​ will determine what he does and​ how he will be in​ and​ appear to​ others and​ the world.

Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., LMHC

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