Improvements Of The New Ipod Video

Improvements Of The New Ipod Video

Improvements of​ the​ new iPod video

The improvements of​ the​ new iPod video concern not only the​ dimensions,​ but also the​ battery life,​ the​ quality sound and,​ above all,​ the​ possibility of​ watching the​ favorite music videos and TV shows.

As regarding the​ exterior aspect,​ one may say that this may be the​ most handsome model of​ an​ iPod even made – a​ bigger display,​ thinner,​ and about 45 percent less space than the​ original iPod .​
The main idea is​ less space and more features and if​ it​ wasn’t the​ case of​ a​ human made object,​ you may have said that the​ magic is​ called evolution .​
The two models of​ the​ video iPod – 30 and 60 GB – are thinner and look very fashionable,​ having an​ attractive exterior aspect .​

The new iPod has other improvements,​ especially in​ the​ case of​ the​ battery life so that the​ enjoyment and satisfaction would be complete,​ having five hours life more than before .​
This means that the​ new iPod has 20 hours of​ battery life and taking into account the​ advantage of​ watching music videos,​ TV shows,​ cartoons,​ photos and other videos,​ this aspect is​ more than welcomed.

The improvements also concern the​ memory of​ the​ new iPod and the​ good news is​ that you may have 15,​000 songs on​ it​ and even a​ full-color album up to​ 25,​000 photos .​
The 2.5-inch color display is​ also of​ great help while watching either the​ photos or​ the​ videos .​
In this way,​ you may take all your favorite music with you and you may still have room for your favorite music videos,​ TV shows or​ cartoons .​
If you are a​ fan of​ the​ latest ABC hits like Lost and Desperate Housewives,​ you may also take them with you,​ as​ even this thing is​ possible with the​ new iPod video .​
There are also Pixar shorts and some Disney available for the​ new iPod for your children or​ for your childish tastes .​

Some other improvements regard the​ quality of​ changing the​ options and the​ touch-sensitive surface is​ the​ great achievement for the​ new iPod video .​
In this way,​ you may access the​ music,​ video and photo memory easily and you may also create a​ rating for your favorites .​
The options of​ play and pause,​ fast-forward and rewind are not a​ problem anymore .​
You may even launch slideshows with your favorite photos.

You may also benefit from the​ iTunes Music Store with over 2 million songs available for all tastes and ages,​ 2,​000 videos,​ ABC or​ Disney TV shows .​
You may downlowd them and then sync them into your iPod .​
Besides,​ with the​ help of​ special cables you may see the​ photos or​ the​ videos on​ your TV set .​
There is​ another option for all these activities - you may use the​ universal dock and the​ remote control.

These amazing improvements may be the​ source of​ endless joys and satisfaction for you on​ the​ road or​ in​ other situations when you need company .​
Besides,​ you may also look up an​ e-mail address,​ you may check the​ calendar of​ your activities,​ find out the​ time in​ another part of​ the​ country or​ particular city .​
These possibilities may conquer the​ heart of​ any person in​ this world and that is​ why the​ new iPod video may be a​ great choice for a​ gift for the​ beloved ones .​

Moreover,​ this special toy may fit any age and any tastes and may be the​ perfect gift for any member of​ your family .​
The handy options,​ the​ nice design and great improvements may be the​ source of​ endless joys for any person who doesn’t like to​ spend time with no activity .​
The wide and bright screen,​ the​ touch-sensitive surface,​ the​ longer battery life,​ the​ great amount of​ options and possibilities make the​ new iPod video the​ best iPod ever made .​
And there is​ still room for other important and interesting changes,​ and that is​ why the​ designers are open to​ any useful suggestions.

Improvements Of The New Ipod Video

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