Improve Your Trade Show Results By Writing Articles

It is​ well-known among internet marketers that writing and distributing articles is​ one of​ the​ best and least expensive ways to​ promote products and services to​ a​ very wide audience. if​ you are involved in​ trade show or​ event marketing,​ you can use this technique to​ very effectively support your event marketing efforts.

**Supporting your trade show marketing with articles**

Let's say you are a​ wedding photographer who shoots weddings within a​ radius of​ about 150 miles of​ your office or​ home. You are selective about which weddings you will shoot because,​ quite frankly,​ some pay better than others. So you are interested in​ reinforcing your carefully developed image. Your image is​ of​ a​ photographer who does work that is​ more creative and of​ higher quality than what you get from the​ average wedding photographer.

One of​ the​ successful methods you use to​ promote your services is​ to​ enter two or​ three specialty wedding trade shows held every year in​ different cities within your target area. Because these shows are geared specifically towards couples who want "something special" (that is,​ they are prepared to​ spend more money),​ they help you reach the​ "better than average" clientele you are after.

**A perfect opportunity to​ reinforce your special image**

This is​ a​ perfect scenario for reinforcing your image by writing and publishing articles about wedding photography. of​ course you have to​ be careful that your articles don't sound blatantly self-promoting. Most article marketers suggest your articles contain interesting,​ general information that can stand apart from the​ fact that you just happen to​ be providing the​ services you are writing about.

For instance,​ you might write an​ article called "Do Something Different with Your Wedding Photos",​ where you describe some different techniques and locations that might be used. or​ "Wedding Photography Over the​ Last 50 Years",​ or​ "Should Your Photographer Choose Your Wedding Outfits?",​ or​ "5 Secret Locations to​ Shoot Your Wedding Photos",​ or​ "Perils of​ a​ Wedding Photographer".

There is​ really no limit to​ the​ number of​ original and interesting stories you could can come up with if​ you just use your imagination.

A good article marketing campaign will consist of​ at​ least three or​ four articles written and distributed just before the​ peak periods in​ your marketing cycle. if​ you are trying to​ reinforce your trade show marketing,​ make sure you prepare your articles well before the​ trade shows you are entering.

**How to​ distribute your articles**

Your objective is​ to​ use these articles to​ create an​ identity for yourself at​ the​ same time as​ getting yourself lots of​ free publicity. the​ more places you distribute your articles,​ the​ more prospective customers you will reach,​ so don't be timid about getting your articles out there.

The obvious place to​ start is​ by posting them on​ your own website. Create an​ article section and mix in​ articles from other (non-competing) writers. This will make your website a​ more valuable resource for your prospective customers,​ and it​ will enhance your image in​ their eyes.

Second,​ consider distributing your article to​ the​ local print media. if​ it​ is​ interesting enough -- and not just a​ self-promotion -- some of​ them will very likely publish it. the​ important thing is​ to​ find an​ interesting angle. Think in​ terms of​ their readers and write for them. Some media will even have special sections -- weddings,​ home renovations,​ automobiles,​ outdoor,​ sports -- that you can contribute to.

Third,​ if​ you are entering trade shows,​ send your material to​ the​ trade show organizers. They may publish a​ show program and may be looking for interesting material that helps make their program appear more substantial.

**Distribution on​ the​ internet**

If you are catering to​ local customers you may think the​ internet is​ overkill. But you would be wrong. if​ you are trying to​ reach prospects in,​ say,​ the​ Lexington area,​ make sure you write your article so the​ search engines know your service focuses on​ the​ Lexington area. They will do a​ great job getting you exposure for searches like "wedding photography Lexington",​ "Lexington auto detailing",​ or​ "kitchen renovators in​ Lexington".

Distribute your articles to​ as​ many key article websites on​ the​ internet as​ you can find. This will do three things for you. First,​ a​ lot of​ people will read your articles on​ these sites. Second,​ other sites interested in​ your subject matter will republish your article,​ exposing it​ to​ an​ even wider audience. And third,​ the​ major search engines will analyse and index your article and it​ will start appearing in​ searches.

**Using a​ professional article writing service**

You may not feel comfortable writing your own articles,​ and you may think it​ is​ much too time consuming to​ do your own distribution. That's when you should look for a​ reliable service to​ do both of​ these things for you. You might be surprised to​ find out how many writers and promoters there are out there ready to​ go to​ work for you.

Look for a​ service that has a​ solid track record. They should be able to​ show you writing examples,​ and they should be able to​ give you a​ very good idea where they intend to​ distribute your articles. as​ with most other specialized services you will probably find it​ is​ a​ lot more efficient to​ let a​ professional do it​ for you than to​ try to​ do it​ yourself.

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