Improve Golf Driving Distance

Improve Golf Driving Distance

How do I improve my golf driving distance? I hear this​ question​ daily. this​ is​ the dream of​ almost every amateur golfer. to​ hit it​ longer. But to​ improve golf driving distance isn’t what you​ think. No it’s not your​ equipment. It’s not pounding more balls at​ the range. and​ it’s not even taking more lessons.

It’s about working on​ the machine that swings the club. Are you​ following me? Do you​ know what I’m getting at? You’re an​ athlete if​ you​ play golf. Don’t laugh. I’m serious! to​ swing a​ golf club effectively takes a​ tremendous amount of​ golf specific strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and​ stability.

None of​ the above can be accomplished without an​ optimum level of​ golf specific fitness. When was the last time you​ made a​ swing and​ felt like it​ was an​ effortless, full and​ produced maximum power? I’m sure it’s happened on​ occasion, but not as​ often as​ you​ want right?

The reason​ why is​ your​ body can’t produce a​ repetitively powerful swing. It’s not capable of​ it. Why? Because you​ need to​ work on​ it​ ‘off the course’ with simple golf strength and​ stretches to​ build up the golf specific muscles that can make this​ happen.

To improve golf driving distance you​ must take this​ attitude. if​ not, be ready to​ accept the same swing, game and​ results you’ve been getting for​ a​ long time. I don’t mean to​ mix words, but the truth is​ needed. No sugar-coating! this​ is​ “throwing all the cards on​ the table” and​ deciding how bad you​ want to​ improve your​ golf driving distance.

Golfers have been bombarded with ads about the latest-greatest driver, guaranteed to​ add 30 yards to​ your​ driving distance. I say bs on​ that. It’s you​ that swings that club. Doesn’t matter what club you​ have if​ your​ body is​ in​ poor condition.

The critical area to​ work on​ for​ the quickest results is​ your​ core (mid-section). your​ core is​ the engine that drives the swing and​ produces all the power. You’ve got to​ strengthen this​ area from a​ rotational standpoint to​ improve golf driving distance.

Not only will this​ approach improve your​ golf driving distance, but it​ will eliminate low back pain​ and​ injury. Low back pain​ is​ the most common​ complaint among golfers. It’s no wonder since the golf swing is​ such a​ torquing movement that directly affects the lower back if​ you​ have weak and​ restricted muscles.

The benefits far outweigh the effort involved. Longer drives, no more injuries and​ years of​ golf enjoyment. There’s no better return than that. So take a​ different approach to​ improve golf driving distance.

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