Importance Of Reporting In A CRM Software

Importance Of Reporting In A CRM Software

A customer relationship management (CRM) application that is​ not able to​ create reports is​ virtually worthless. Accurate reporting in​ a​ variety of​ user-defined ways is​ one of​ the​ core strengths of​ a​ good contact management database. of​ course,​ this ability relies on​ the​ accurate entry of​ all the​ data required for any given report. Without accurate data entry you​ cannot realistically expect to​ extract any kind of​ accuracy in​ a​ subsequent report.

Many companies are unaware of​ the​ latent power inherent in​ the​ data that is​ entered into the​ CRM by their sales and marketing team. They fail to​ realize that all that valuable data can be output as​ a​ meaningful and extremely useful report,​ in​ addition to​ just being useful customer contact information.

However,​ this is​ something that needs to​ be thought about before a​ company rolls out a​ CRM. Correct measures need to​ be taken to​ ensure that the​ GoldMine® software,​ or​ ACT!® software used is​ customized enough to​ allow easy and accurate reporting of​ selected valuable data.

An example might be a​ sales person entering lead and prospect information,​ which,​ if​ transformed into a​ report,​ will reveal how many leads that sales person has. if​ all the​ sales people are combined,​ then the​ report could tell how many leads the​ company as​ a​ whole currently has.

Intelligent reporting will also show how well a​ particular sales person is​ doing. it​ can reveal the​ number of​ calls and appointments that person has for each client,​ and also how well,​ or​ otherwise,​ he is​ handling the​ task.

GoldMine®,​ for example,​ can be set up to​ enforce rules that enable a​ company to​ in​ turn force their CRM users to​ always enter the​ correct data. This is​ accomplished through a​ feature in​ the​ database called "field entry validation" that will not permit the​ entry of​ incorrect data.

Using GoldMine® or​ ACT!® you​ can also generate meaningful reports from live data. This includes pulling reports from sales people who are in​ the​ field using the​ software. the​ response of​ ongoing marketing activities can be monitored and returns on​ investment can be checked,​ all through the​ sophisticated reporting features of​ a​ good CRM.

Geographical segmentation revealing useful demographics can be obtained through reporting,​ showing you​ exactly where your customers are coming from. you​ can discover how many prospects turned into real customers by purchasing the​ product or​ service from you. if​ you​ wish to​ discover the​ strengths and weaknesses of​ you​ sales team,​ then monitoring sales pipelines and producing relevant reports will tell you​ exactly what you​ need to​ know.

The sales people can benefit directly from good analytics and reporting. They can effectively turn the​ tools on​ themselves to​ discover in​ a​ real-time basis just how good their performance really is. if​ this information is​ used for improvement,​ then the​ customer experience will benefit also and sales will increase. This puts real power in​ the​ hands of​ the​ sales people who can monitor their performance on​ a​ regular basis to​ check how they are doing.

Importance Of Reporting In A CRM Software

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