Importance Of Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Importance Of Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Evaporative cooler maintenance can keep your​ air coolers perfect even if​ you​ were using it​ for​ 24 hours a​ day and​ 7 days a​ week. The evaporative coolers need a​ major cleaning every season​ and​ also routine maintenance regularly during the entire cooling season.

The air cooler needs regular maintenance in​ places with hot climates because constant working of​ the air coolers leads to​ building up of​ unwanted sediments and​ minerals. you​ should replace the pads at​ least twice during the entire cooling season​ or​ as​ frequent as​ once a​ month during its time of​ constant operation.

Correct evaporative cooler maintenance will make the coolers last longer and​ work more efficiently. to​ maintain​ the air cooler perfectly, you​ should clean and​ disinfect the cooler in​ every six months. to​ ensure good flow of​ air into the room, you​ should prevent the build-up of​ sediments, fungus and​ algae inside the air cooler by using water softeners. Make sure that you​ specially clean the filter pads and​ the basin​ present inside the air coolers. There are windblown dust and​ pollens that get accumulated in​ the basin, creating sludge and​ blocking the pumps, water distribution​ system and​ the filter pads. So the interiors of​ the air cooler should be cleaned at​ regular intervals.

Maintenance Tips Before Summer and​ After Summer

Evaporative cooler maintenance should be conducted regularly to​ keep the cooler disinfected and​ clean. Since air coolers are the major instruments to​ distribute air in​ a​ surrounding, and​ people will always be breathing that air, so it​ is​ very important that the air should be fresh and​ clean. The air can be fresh only when there is​ regular maintenance of​ the air cooler.

During summer, following are the ways:

* Remove all external weatherproof​ covers

* Remove the filer pads and​ clean them thoroughly with a​ water hose

* Clean all the waterways thoroughly including the sump and​ bleed-off systems

* Refit the filter pads, close the drain​ valves and​ open water inlet valves to​ allow the units to​ fill them with fresh water

Immediately after summer, clean the air coolers in​ the following ways:

* Disconnect all powers to​ the unit

* Take out all the sediments and​ slimes from the basin​ with a​ brush

* Let all the dirty water flow out from the tanks and​ pipes

* Clean the basin​ and​ water pump guards with a​ cloth soaked in​ diluted household disinfectants

* Dry the internal parts of​ the air cooler by running the fan

* Fit waterproof​ covers to​ external units

Easy Guidelines for​ Maintaining The Coolers

Evaporative cooler maintenance is​ not a​ difficult task and​ can be completed within​ very less time with minimum of​ assistance from external sources.

Following are some instant cooler maintenance tips:

* Shut off the power and​ water supply before you​ start to​ clean your​ air cooler

* Install new media pads at​ least twice during the entire season​ to​ prevent unnecessary clogging of​ dust, pollen, mildew and​ minerals from evaporated waters

* Remove the cooler drain​ tube in​ the reservoir pan and​ cleanse out all elements like silt, dissolved salt, stored dirty water, old pad fibers with nylon​ brushes and​ plastic scrapers.

* Check to​ see that the V-belt is​ not cracked.

* Rotate the motor and​ the blower wheels to​ check the correct working of​ the air cooler. Replace the wheels in​ case of​ any damages

* in​ case the water is​ not flowing smoothly through the side panels then clear the blockage by placing a​ flexible wire into the tube-end orifice.

So maintain​ your​ air cooler following the above-mentioned guidelines to​ enjoy fresh and​ healthy air.

Importance Of Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

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