Impact Wrench Maintenance Tips

Impact Wrench Maintenance Tips

Water contamination​ is​ the great enemy to​ your​ prized air impact wrench and​ other expensive air tools. The common​ misconception​ is​ that if​ you​ just drain​ the air supply tank in​ your​ air compressor of​ excess water, you​ are protecting your​ air tool from water damage. While draining your​ air supply tank is​ good, you​ are only preventing rust damage in​ the tank. The air outlet is​ generally at​ the top of​ the tank and​ the water in​ the bottom doesn't make it​ up there to​ damage your​ impact wrench. How then does water get into your​ air lines and​ then to​ your​ air tool? The answer is​ condensation. Water condenses and​ builds up in​ the air hoses and​ then travels to​ your​ air tool. Also, on​ a​ cold winter morning the water that has accumulated in​ your​ air lines will freeze and​ cause even more damage. Frozen water can break loose and​ damage your​ tools or​ even block the air flow in​ the line. The solution​ to​ this​ problem is​ install a​ water filter in​ your​ air hose. a​ good place to​ put it​ is​ midway down your​ air hose. There it​ will be out of​ the way when use your​ impact wrench under your​ car and​ you​ are trying to​ get into a​ tight space. a​ small investment in​ a​ water filter will go a​ long to​ prolong the life of​ your​ expensive air tools.

Some air tool users try to​ compensate for​ water that condenses in​ air lines by using an​ air tool oil designed to​ drive out moisture. Beware of​ air tool oils that claims to​ clean, degrease and​ eradicate water. These types of​ oils contain​ isopropyl alcohol or​ some other solvents. These will destroy or​ rot out all of​ the seals and​ o rings in​ the air tools. Marvel Mystery Oil and​ similar products will give a​ quick fix to​ gummed up air impact wrench, but the improvement will be short lived. Eventually it​ will eat the air tool apart and​ cost you​ a​ lot more money in​ the long run.

Contamination​ of​ dirt, grit, sawdust – is​ the second greatest threat to​ your​ air tools. Many contractors diligently clean or​ change air filters on​ their air compressors, but still suffer contamination​ damage to​ their air tools. Hose couplers are the weak link in​ the chain. you​ can have a​ air compressor delivering clean air and​ then have a​ dirty air hose ruin​ it​ before it​ gets to​ the air tool. Air hoses get dragged through dirt, mud, oily water etc. These contaminants then make into the air hose and​ then to​ the tool. By using an​ air hose reel instead of​ loose air hoses, you​ will keep them out of​ the muck and​ clean for​ the next job.

in​ line oiler Lubrication​ is​ critical to​ extending the life of​ your​ valuable air impact wrench and​ increase productivity. an​ air tool that has not been properly lubricated will result in​ low power output. The usual culprit is​ a​ dry motor starving for​ some oil. your​ impact wrench is​ an​ expensive investment and​ you​ must take the time to​ properly lubricate it. The easiest and​ quickest way to​ make surein​ line oiler it​ is​ constantly lubricated is​ to​ install an​ in​ line oil lubricator. One of​ these will insure your​ air tools are receiving oil every time they are used. in​ line lubricators attach right into the air hose and​ you​ fill them with the correct lubricating oil. (see your​ manufacturer’s specs.). you​ should also do routine external lubrication​ through the hammer case grease fitting. a​ well lubricated air impact wrench will deliver more torque, last longer, run quieter and​ increase productivity. Don’t forget to​ add an​ in​ line oiler to​ your​ next impact wrench or​ air tool. it​ will pay for​ itself several times over.

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