I Must Thank Yoga If I Ever Do Win A Grammy

Voice lessons aside,​ one other thing that helps with singing or​ public speaking will be a​ feeling of​ looseness and flexibility in​ the​ throat. While some may rely on​
‘Hot tea,​ lemon and honey’ to​ achieve this,​ there are actually some yoga poses that help ‘loosen’ the​ vocal cords and with practice actually increase the​ flexibility of​ the​ muscles in​ those areas.

Now,​ from personal research,​ a​ specific book titled ‘Singing for the​ Stars’ by Seth Riggs-(the vocal coach of​ the​ who-is-who of​ the​ Music Industry)-specifies that stretching to​ warm up not only the​ vocal cords but the​ whole body before doing vocal warm-ups are very helpful.

That considered,​ I specifically incorporated those poses that I know from sensation loosen the​ cervical region that of​ course contains the​ throat. (As an​ added bonus,​ some of​ these poses loosen other body parts that come in​ handy for my ‘James Brown-Michael Jackson-Prince’-esque moves by the​ way…)

Now I will show you my choices and explain each one briefly.

1. the​ Sun Salutations.

This is​ more of​ a​ combination of​ poses,​ versus being an​ exclusive pose. Its ease and versatility comes in​ handy for warming up the​ entire body and increasing the​ blood flow. Moreover,​ with the​ deep breathing associated (and the​ corrective effect it​ does have on​ breathing in​ general),​ this unique collage of​ indeed very simple movements will come in​ handy for just about warming up to​ do anything.

2. the​ Wheel Pose:

This is​ a​ backward bending pose that owing to​ its execution stretches the​ entire body immensely. When properly executed,​ one’s head will be turned upside down which consequently stretches the​ throat and increases the​ blood flow to​ the​ head. When,​ I’m doing mid to​ up-tempo numbers,​ I love executing the​ wheel pose to​ sort of​ get the​ adrenalin pumped up and I also add the​ spinal twists (it’s counter pose so to​ speak) for an​ even more balanced stretch that it​ may offer.

3. the​ Lion Pose:

Think “Scary Movie 1” here for a​ minute,​ remember when Marlon Wayans yells “whazup” and stretches out his tongue? Well,​ this pose has a​ similar concept in​ execution. Moreover,​ I actually read that taking its name into consideration,​ it​ is​ often a​ pose recommended for overcoming shyness,​ as​ some Yogic texts claim in​ executing a​ pose,​ you take up the​ characteristic of​ the​ object or​ creature it​ is​ named after. Since this is​ the​ Lion Pose,​ it​ is​ believed that boldness and confidence is​ increased. For now,​ let’s just stick to​ the​ immense stretching of​ the​ throat that it​ offers.

4. the​ Shoulder-Stand Sequence:

Well,​ this sequence includes a​ pose known in​ Yoga as​ Savagasana (meaning it​ affects all body parts). it​ is​ a​ simple inversion pose and when executed with its counter poses: the​ Bridge and the​ Fish Poses,​ they adequately loosen up the​ whole body. if​ my performance or​ session is​ in​ the​ earlier parts of​ the​ day,​ I may simply execute just this sequence alone (with the​ previously mentioned sun salutations) and be fine. the​ fish pose especially loosens up the​ chest and is​ often recommended for respiratory disorders such as​ Asthma and Bronchitis.

5. the​ Relaxation Pose:

The name says it​ all. After a​ session or​ performance,​ it​ is​ always best to​ cool down the​ vocal muscles as​ this comes in​ handy for extensive daily use. Perhaps no other pose comes close to​ relaxing not only the​ vocal cords but the​ whole body like the​ Relaxation Pose yoga has to​ offer. This simple relaxation technique is​ something I have incorporated into my list of​ essentials as​ a​ vocalist and will come in​ handy for interested parties as​ well.

In addition to​ these poses and since singing involves a​ great degree of​ breath control,​ the​ Breathing Exercises (aka pranayama) belonging to​ Yoga come in​ very handy,​ as​ well as​ do some Yogic Cleaning techniques for the​ body such as​ nasal,​ throat and tongue cleansing…but that’s another topic altogether.

Moreover,​ a​ yogic diet -which is​ akin to​ the​ Mucus-free diet of​ the​ drug-free fraternity/lifestyle-helps to​ ensure excess mucus within is​ curbed and of​ course fasting-an advocated practice of​ Yoga-augments this even more. in​ fact this last factor is​ secretly why I hardly ever run out of​ breath while performing folks.

Perhaps if​ I ever end up winning a​ Grammy someday (hey,​ you never know…),​ I’ll be able to​ get up at​ the​ podium and acknowledge Yoga much more for helping me sing better,​ but for now,​ if​ your trade,​ passion or​ hobby demands an​ intense use of​ your vocal cords,​ you can surely benefit a​ lot from adding a​ little bit of​ yoga to​ making them work a​ lot better.

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