I Just Quit My Last Paying Writing Gig And You Should Too

I just quit my last paying writing gig...and you should too!

I just quit my last paying writing gig. Why? Because I make more money giving my writing away. Yes,​ that's right. I make more money giving my writing away than I did selling my articles and columns. in​ fact I'm making more money writing part-time for free than I did in​ any of​ my full-time paid writing jobs and that includes advances and royalties from the​ publication of​ three novels. I have been writing professionally for two decades and I never thought I'd make more by writing for free but I am.

But that's not even the​ best part -- and I know you experienced writers will understand why this is​ better than money -- I can write whatever I want. I pick my topic and my slant. if​ I want to​ be funny or​ irreverent then I can be funny or​ irreverent. if​ I want to​ melancholy or​ maudlin then I can be melancholy or​ maudlin. it​ just doesn't matter because I'm writing to​ suit myself! I am my own boss and my own editor -- and I'm making money off my writing.

How? I write for the​ internet. I have been doing so since 1999 and earning money during the​ entire time. I have written freelance and under contract for a​ number of​ internet publications and ventures as​ well as​ publishing my own work.

At first I considered my personal internet writing just something to​ satisfy my creative urge as​ I transitioned from full-time writing to​ full-time teaching,​ but then I noticed something curious -- I was making money.

Today,​ after a​ lot of​ work and study I have discovered the​ right mix that works well for me -- and I decided it​ just doesn't pay to​ keep the​ writing contract any more. the​ time I used to​ satisfy the​ contract can be far more enjoyably and profitably spent writing on​ the​ internet.

What internet venues am I using?

~ Ezines and Newsletters
~ Blogs and RSS feeds
~ Web Sites
~ Articles

How do I make money with these efforts?

~ Selling advertising space in​ my ezines
~ Selling text links on​ my web sites and blogs
~ Posting pay-per-click ads on​ my web sites and blogs
~ Promoting affiliate programs on​ my web sites and blogs as​ well as​ in​ my ezines and newsletters

It really is​ not a​ difficult or​ complicated business model and one any competent writer,​ or​ anyone with the​ ability to​ string a​ decent sentence together,​ could replicate or​ modify to​ suit their purpose. I am a​ writer not a​ business person,​ but I know this is​ working for me and that it​ could work for you,​ too.

Now go out there and give your writing away!

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