I Discovered Leather Furniture

I Discovered Leather Furniture

I have been decorating homes and​ helping other people decorate their homes for​ as​ long as​ I can remember. I have always had a​ visual eye and​ a​ knack for​ putting colors and​ fabrics and​ pieces together to​ create beautiful rooms. I had been against using leather furniture at​ all costs up until recently. I discovered, however, just how great using leather furniture can be in​ a​ home after I helped a​ client place leather furniture in​ their cabin.

I'm not sure why I was so against using leather furniture in​ homes. I think I remember my mother, also and​ interior designer, telling me that leather furniture was not meant to​ be in​ homes. She would allow her clients to​ place leather furniture in​ medical or​ law offices. So I guess I came by my distaste for​ leather furniture honestly. I think the fact that I have been an​ interior designer for​ nearly twenty years and​ that I have yet to​ put leather furniture into a​ home has also helped grow the feeling I have that homes can be done and​ done beautifully without leather.

My turnaround came a​ few months ago when a​ client hired me on​ to​ decorate a​ cabin​ they had just purchased for​ a​ summer home. They suggested leather furniture early on​ in​ our meetings and​ each time I would shake my head kindly and​ attempt to​ change the subject. They finally confronted the issue as​ I was bringing out photographs and​ samples of​ the kinds of​ furniture I saw for​ their cabin. They asked me why I didn't encourage people to​ use leather furniture and​ I realized for​ the first time that I didn't have a​ great answer for​ them.

After a​ few hours of​ looking at​ samples of​ leather furniture online I became slowly convinced that maybe it​ was a​ good option​ for​ this​ particular project. So I broke my twenty year pattern and​ helped my clients place the right kinds of​ leather furniture at​ different places throughout their cabin. The project turned out amazingly well and​ I even began to​ reconsider the plans I had made for​ my own lakehouse.

I have since become so fond of​ using leather furniture in​ some projects that I have led clients to​ that option​ at​ least five or​ six times. I have even purchased two pieces of​ great leather furniture for​ my own lakehouse. I'm forever glad that I finally discovered leather furniture.

I Discovered Leather Furniture

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