Hypnosis The Relationship Between Yoga Meditation And Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis The Relationship Between Yoga Meditation And Self Hypnosis

Though no one knows the​ exact origin of​ yoga,​ meditation and self-hypnosis,​ one thing is​ certain,​ that they are more than thousands of​ years old. Eminent scholars are of​ the​ opinion that the​ origins and practice of​ yoga and meditation can be traced to​ the​ Indus Valley civilization. in​ spite of​ the​ fact that these practices give the​ practitioner a​ sense of​ well being and peace it​ was not in​ vogue until recently.

Though yoga and meditation are often linked together they are also different. Meditation is​ thought to​ have been practiced all over the​ world for a​ very long time. Self-hypnosis is​ also thought to​ have existed in​ the​ world for a​ long time.

These alternate methods of​ healing and self-healing have existed for hundreds of​ year's in​ spite of​ efforts to​ discourage them by various vested interests for example fundamentalists and dogmatists. Doesn't it​ make you wonder why some people would want to​ discourage something as​ wonderful as​ self-hypnosis,​ meditation and yoga? Well the​ answer is​ simple. Most people who against these methods were people in​ control- control of​ other people. And they were under no circumstances willing to​ relinquish the​ control they had over the​ masses,​ because these methodologies thought one how to​ have control over one's well being( physical,​ mental & spiritual).

In many societies of​ the​ world these practices were forbidden. People in​ countries under dictatorship,​ communism were forbidden to​ practice yoga meditation,​ and self-hypnosis. Why? Because communism didn't allow people to​ question and receive answers about any thing other than what they wanted the​ people to​ know. They wanted people who were not in​ touch with their spirituality,​ whose consciousness was not awakened. They wanted their masses to​ be like robots and just obey commands. And we​ all know that yoga takes us to​ a​ higher plane and a​ higher level of​ consciousness. So people who practice yoga cannot be manipulated according to​ the​ whims and fancies of​ certain people. Because of​ this kind of​ oppression many people in​ the​ former Soviet union practiced Yoga in​ secret.

As a​ person who has lived in​ a​ free country all his life I find this difficult to​ comprehend,​ as​ will all of​ you who live in​ a​ free society. All we​ can conclude is​ that if​ people were willing to​ risk their lives for the​ well being offered by yoga there must be something to​ it. Think of​ all the​ sages who realized self and more through yoga.

In the​ present day of​ gadgets,​ where we​ have some gadget or​ other to​ do almost any thing we​ want,​ we​ still have no time for ourselves-no time to​ take real good care of​ our well being,​ our spirituality,​ of​ self awakening. Who is​ holding you back from yoga? No one But you yourself. Take a​ few moments to​ yourself,​ put your feet up and relax. Think of​ all the​ benefits that you will gain by practicing yoga or​ meditation or​ self-hypnosis. Think of​ the​ well being that is​ the​ fruits of​ practicing these self- improvement methods. Don't you want to​ feel good about your self,​ be relaxed and calm and be able to​ deal with the​ vagaries of​ life confidently and calmly.

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Hypnosis The Relationship Between Yoga Meditation And Self Hypnosis

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