How To Use Your Ipod With Your Car Stereo

How To Use Your iPod With Your Car Stereo
As a​ music lover it​ is​ only natural for you to​ wish that you could listen to​ it​ no matter where you are or​ what you are doing .​
The car is​ especially where this wish comes out most strongly .​
It is​ unthinkable to​ get into the​ car and consider a​ drive in​ silence.
Well,​ you now have the​ option to​ iPod your car .​
This means you do not have to​ spend huge amounts of​ money to​ get your car wired for audio and you do not have to​ rely on​ someone else choosing the​ music for you .​
Your favorite music is​ with you wherever you go.
If you already have an​ audio system in​ your car then things are even better because you can hook in​ the​ iPod to​ the​ audio system and do away with the​ headphones .​
In some states it​ is​ illegal to​ wear headphones when you are driving so using the​ iPod with an​ audio system becomes a​ good way to​ enjoy music without running the​ risk of​ getting a​ ticket.
Newer cars are now coming out with all the​ necessary tools to​ help you plug in​ the​ iPod .​
BMW,​ Nissan,​ Mercedes-Benz,​ and Volvo are just some of​ the​ names that you will recognize who are now making cars with iPod integration options .​
If you do not have one of​ those new cars then all you need to​ buy is​ an​ iPod adapter.
The iPod adapters from companies like Monster or​ Peripheral can be installed behind the​ dashboard .​
There will be two prongs one of​ which will connect to​ the​ back of​ your car stereo and the​ other will connect to​ the​ iPod holding space near the​ front seat .​
The iPod adapter is​ a​ clever little device that pretends to​ be a​ CD changer .​
You car stereo will never know the​ difference .​
You can use the​ stereo track buttons to​ select the​ songs you wish to​ hear.
If you are not the​ mechanical type then it​ may be a​ good idea to​ get a​ professional mechanic to​ do the​ installation for you .​
It will make a​ lesser mess and work better .​
In case your car is​ a​ bit too old then the​ factory installed car stereo from way back then may not be compatible with the​ iPod adapter .​
If this happens to​ be the​ case then unfortunately the​ only remaining option for you is​ to​ first install a​ newer car stereo.
Sound quality is​ another touchy thing .​
While some people are happy as​ long as​ something is​ playing others want perfect sound quality .​
If you are the​ second type then do not go in​ for iPod cassette adapters because the​ sound quality is​ not good and they do not recharge the​ iPod .​
An FM modulator works better than a​ cassette adapter and it​ also recharges the​ iPod .​
However,​ neither of​ these options is​ as​ good as​ the​ iPod adapter.
To check the​ adaptability of​ your car stereo you should go through the​ online catalog of​ your car to​ check whether recent updates feature iPod compatibility.

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