How To Turn Your Ipod Into Tv

How To Turn Your iPod Into TV
The Apple iPod is​ synonymous with mobile audio and music,​ and with the​ launching of​ the​ video-capable iPod,​ music lovers not only will enjoy the​ audio but also video.
Herein lies the​ problem - the​ apple iPod screen is​ only 2.5 inches,​ and there is​ no doubt that viewing pleasure can be increased when we​ can have a​ bigger video screen.
How then can the​ iPod have a​ bigger viewing screen - so as​ to​ be considered a​ mobile TV as​ well?
To convert your iPod into a​ Mobile TV,​ all you need to​ do is​ to​ get a​ MicroOptical Goggles.
You can wear this goggle over your regular spectacles or​ eyeglasses,​ and where you do not feel comfortable,​ you can do so over your contact lenses.
The goggles is​ fairly light at​ 70 g,​ with a​ belt clip that holds the​ iPod and the​ battery pack of​ 3 AAA-batteries .​
a​ cable connects to​ the​ iPod headphone port.
These goggles will deliver the​ image from two tiny LCDs through a​ series of​ lenses directly to​ the​ eyes so that you can watch video on​ what looks like a​ 27 inch screen TV!
Now,​ if​ you are always on​ the​ go and travelling,​ and you need to​ research or​ study or​ to​ get information from video clips,​ you can now enjoy 27 equivalency viewing with the​ apple iPod.
The only drawback is​ the​ cost of​ the​ MicroOptical Corp Goggles,​ which,​ however is​ expected to​ drop with demand .​
Without the​ goggles,​ you have to​ tolerate the​ viewing from the​ 2.5 inch screen from the​ iPod,​ or​ dish out around $269 for the​ Goggles and start to​ enjoy Mobile TV using the​ iPod.
With the​ development of​ technology,​ soon the​ battery pack consisting of​ the​ 3-AAA size batteries will disappear,​ making it​ more light weight!
Indeed,​ there is​ nothing to​ hold back the​ iPod from developing into the​ music player and mobile TV player if​ you can afford the​ cost of​ the​ goggles.

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