How To Transfer Movies To Your Ipod In 3 Simple Steps

How To Transfer Movies To Your Ipod In 3 Simple Steps 1

How to​ Transfer Movies to​ Your iPod in​ 3 Simple Steps
There’s a​ very easy and quick way any iPod Video owner can use to​ get their favorite movies into their iPod Video .​
But first,​ we​ have to​ know what video formats the​ iPod works with .​
There are various types of​ video formats:
- DivX
- XviD
- RM
- Mpg/Mpeg
They appear as​ an​ extension after the​ file name of​ your video… such as​ ‘The Longest Yard.avi’…So to​ feed your iPod with videos,​ all we​ have to​ do is​ convert these formats into the​ MP4 video format,​ which the​ iPod only allows .​
The MP4 format is​ very compressed and saves a​ lot of​ space on​ your iPod hard drive.
Here is​ what you need as​ basics:
- a​ Video-to-iPod Converter .​
There is​ software that converts any video format to​ the​ iPod MP4 format.
- a​ DVD Player installed on​ your computer .​
You can use iTunes to​ preview videos before they get put into your iPod.
- a​ DVD Ripper installed in​ your computer if​ you want to​ transfer DVD into your iPod .​
Also,​ there is​ a​ software which converts any video format plus the​ DVD format to​ the​ iPod MP4 video format.
- iTunes,​ which is​ free for download at​ the​ Apple website.
- And your Video iPod with its USB Cable.
Here is​ the​ Basic 3 Step Method:
1. Use your Video-to-iPod converter to​ locate the​ video you want to​ convert into the​ iPod MP4 format in​ your hard drive… and click select/convert .​
Remember in​ the​ Output Settings,​ select DivX 6.0 codec for the​ optimum output.
2. If you want to​ copy DVD movies into your iPod,​ you need to​ use a​ DVD ripper to​ rip the​ DVD file out of​ the​ DVD…use the​ DVD ripper to​ select the​ movie you want to​ transfer to​ your iPod and click extract/rip .​
3. Find the​ files that have been converted,​ DVD or​ Non-DVD using the​ iTunes Library .​
Make sure they appear in​ iTunes and test if​ they work .​
Load the​ MP4 files to​ your iPod by clicking Update iPod under File in​ iTunes .​
There you go,​ a​ simple method to​ enjoy your movies – whatever you want,​ wherever you want and whenever you want!

How To Transfer Movies To Your Ipod In 3 Simple Steps

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