How To Take Care After Hair Transplant Surgery

How to​ Take Care after Hair Transplant Surgery
Once you​ have made the​ decision to​ have hair transplant surgery,​ you​ are probably jumping ahead to​ thinking about your postop plans. you​ most likely cannot wait to​ see the​ faces on​ your friends and acquaintances when they notice your new full head of​ hair. in​ the​ meantime,​ you​ have to​ go through the​ surgery and take care so that your hair transplant will be successful.
Your hair transplant will not heal unless you​ keep the​ newly operatedon skin out of​ the​ sunlight. the​ surgery will make the​ skin especially sensitive. if​ you​ protect the​ skin on​ your scalp after getting a​ scalp hair transplant,​ you​ will help the​ wounds heal much faster.
You can start out by getting some kind of​ hat. it​ does not matter what kind of​ hat it​ is,​ as​ long as​ it​ is​ fairly loosefitting so that it​ does not rub on​ your new hair transplant grafts. you​ should not have to​ put up with this for​ long. After a​ couple of​ weeks,​ you​ can replace the​ cap with sunscreen. it​ should have an SPF of​ at​ least 30.
Having just the​ right amount of​ blood flow to​ the​ hair transplant sites will make a​ big difference in​ how fast they heal. for​ example,​ you​ need to​ make sure you​ get enough blood flow during the​ night. you​ can do this by sleeping on​ pillows to​ elevate your head. Your usual pillows can be used,​ or​ you​ can buy wedgeshaped pillows made for​ this purpose.
On the​ other hand,​ you​ do not want too much blood flow. you​ should get plenty of​ rest after your hair transplant surgery. for​ the​ first few weeks it​ is​ not wise to​ engage in​ any physically demanding activities. Then,​ the​ blood flow will be too much. Your transplants may start to​ bleed.
It is​ important to​ clean your hair just as​ your doctor recommends after hair transplant surgery. you​ will be given a​ special shampoo to​ use and specific instructions on​ how and when to​ use it. it​ is​ necessary to​ clean gently but thoroughly. at​ first,​ you​ may find yourself rinsing your hair many times a​ day. Just be sure that you​ do not bother the​ hair transplant site by scratching or​ rubbing it.
Your hair transplant doctor will want you​ to​ come in​ for​ a​ check of​ your transplants about a​ week after your surgery. Be sure to​ be at​ that appointment on​ time. if​ you​ have any questions about how to​ care for​ your hair,​ bring them up at​ that time.
Ask your doctor when you​ will be ready to​ use a​ comb on​ your new hair. you​ might be surprised at​ how soon you​ can use one. Then,​ your doctor will schedule other checkups,​ which you​ should also attend.
At first it​ may seem as​ if​ you​ have to​ be very careful with your hair and you​ do! it​ does not make sense to​ spend hundreds or​ thousands of​ dollars having your hair transplant surgery and then not follow through with good care. However,​ in​ no time at​ all,​ you​ will be treating this new hair just as​ you​ treated the​ hair you​ once had there.

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