How To Succeed In The Offshore Software Development

How to​ succeed in​ the​ Offshore Software Development
India,​ China,​ and Russia are the​ three leading countries that currently control the​ offshore programming market.

Today the​ very promising competition of​ the​ offshore software development asks for the​ best of​ resources and innovative strategies with brilliant business intelligence .​
These companies into Off shoring try not to​ leave the​ smallest of​ the​ details which has been overlooked by other businesses to​ win client interest.
Huge cost savings,​ time optimization: there are several benefits but these opportunities and advantages in​ this nascent business are also accompanied by challenges .​
Though the​ software vendor has hi-tech professionals with the​ best of​ technical skills with delivering quality output,​ there are few challenges faced which cannot be overlooked .​
These challenges are communication gaps,​ non-clarity of​ the​ project status,​ improper estimation in​ terms of​ resources and budget therefore and of​ course cultural hindrances.
Cost cut without compromising on​ quality is​ the​ key objective for this business and to​ achieve this objective,​ there has to​ be a​ smooth coordination between offshore client and the​ software vendor .​
This should start with the​ best possible approach by both the​ parties the​ offshore client and the​ software vendor .​
The most important aspect in​ the​ offshore software development other than the​ required technical skills is​ the​ smooth communication between the​ two parties .​
Seamless communication oils the​ project speed .​
The communication in​ writing,​ video conferences along with and apart the​ verbal ones is​ more constructive .​
This is​ accomplished by implementing the​ work-schedules that intersect the​ time-frames for both the​ countries .​
Generally the​ offshore vendor works in​ accordance with the​ client for the​ later convenience but it​ is​ better if​ you​ as​ an​ offshore vendor also have a​ local presence for the​ client .​
This is​ like an​ added privilege,​ since this strengthens the​ client’s confidence into the​ offshore vendor .​
This helps the​ client to​ approach the​ vendor easily.
Another very important factor is​ the​ Resource and Budget forecast for the​ project .​
The Technical and Business Analysts should take the​ following points into consideration:
1. The risks involved in​ the​ undertaking the​ project and its measurement.
2. Whether the​ rates quoted are in​ accordance with the​ requirements of​ the​ project .​
3. The terms of​ payment/billing: whether it​ should be hourly,​ weekly,​ per month or​ on​ the​ project completion,​ etc.
4. Will the​ quality standards set by the​ vendor be able to​ meet in​ carrying out the​ project or​ quality would get compromised for quoting an​ attractive price.
5. Double-Check for the​ specifications of​ the​ Project sent by client .​
Check whether there are any milestones in​ the​ project which has dependency on​ the​ client end .​
Check whether there would be any re-works or​ change-requests from client side.
Once the​ project starts,​ both the​ offshore client and the​ software vendor should coordinate on​ regular basis on​ the​ project flow .​
The communication has to​ be transparent between the​ both.
The offshore vendor must see that the​ project flow is​ smooth and the​ status is​ well communicated to​ the​ offshore client time to​ time.
This gives client a​ kind of​ satisfaction and confidence in​ the​ vendor’s work .​
Also,​ the​ vendor should target to​ complete every deliverable in​ the​ project in​ 80% of​ time committed .​
a​ buffer time of​ 20% of​ the​ actually committed is​ always good to​ balance if​ any sudden problems faced.
Also,​ it​ is​ better to​ have a​ single point of​ contact at​ both the​ ends to​ have a​ smooth and proper communication throughout the​ project development .​
But at​ the​ same time,​ everyone associated in​ the​ project should be aware of​ the​ communication going on​ between the​ two parties.
If you​ as​ an​ offshore vendor feel that any milestone in​ the​ project that puts a​ dependency onto client is​ approaching,​ you​ should intimate that to​ client at​ least 3 working days before depending on​ the​ weight of​ that milestone.
Though how much the​ project team strives to​ put up an​ error-free product,​ some problems or​ unpredictable issues may turn up and thus slow-down the​ project process .​
But these should be handled and solved with mutual cooperation and proper coordination from both the​ software vendor and the​ offshore client to​ achieve the​ objective.
Hence forth,​ to​ bring success to​ any offshore software development projects,​ it​ is​ the​ joint effort from both the​ ends that ultimately works out .​
But the​ most important factors here would be transparent and clear communication,​ proper forecast on​ resources and budget and smooth coordination on​ deliverables.

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