How To Start Writing An Article

How To Start Writing An Article

The hardest thing you’ll ever have to​ do is​ to​ ‘start’. When you want to​ travel,​ the​ hardest part is​ to​ just ‘go ahead and go’. But once you start,​ everything follows. the​ same goes with writing. I don’t know about you,​ but when I write,​ the​ first sentence in​ the​ article gets erased five times before one becomes permanent. But once you get through the​ first sentence,​ writing the​ whole article will be a​ breeze.

There are actually a​ lot of​ ways by which you could begin your article. You could start it​ with a​ quotation,​ a​ question,​ an​ anecdote,​ or​ you could go straight to​ the​ point. There is​ no exact formula for starting. You can start your article with any sentence,​ as​ long as​ it​ suits your purpose.

What’s the​ Purpose of​ the​ Article?

So think about why you’re writing that article. What is​ your purpose? is​ it​ to​ entertain,​ to​ inspire,​ to​ persuade,​ or​ simply to​ inform? if​ you want to​ entertain,​ then a​ funny anecdote might do well. if​ you want to​ inspire,​ then a​ famous quote may do. if​ you want to​ persuade,​ then maybe you could start with a​ question. if​ you want to​ inform,​ then you could go straight to​ the​ point.

Let me give you a​ concrete example. Let’s say that your aim is​ to​ persuade people to​ buy your product. I mentioned that if​ you want to​ persuade,​ starting the​ article with a​ question might do the​ trick. Let’s say that your product is​ a​ water bed. Maybe you could start your article with a​ question like,​ “Have you ever had a​ night when you couldn’t sleep because of​ your lumpy mattress?” or​ “When was the​ last time you had a​ good night’s sleep?” This is​ a​ good strategy because you’re automatically creating a​ bond with your reader. if​ your reader answers “yes” to​ your question,​ he will be able to​ relate,​ and if​ he is​ able to​ relate,​ then he will be interested.

The First Line

But asking a​ question isn’t the​ only way to​ start an​ article. if​ you can make it​ work,​ then an​ anecdote might be perfect for your article. Maybe you could tell a​ story about a​ friend of​ yours who didn’t want to​ buy the​ bed at​ first but was persuaded to​ do so after a​ bit of​ prodding. And then give them a​ punch line. it​ has to​ be funny,​ or​ at​ the​ very least,​ unexpected. Maybe you could end your anecdote by saying that your friend went to​ your office,​ fuming. He kept on​ glaring at​ you so you asked him what was wrong. And then he answered,​ “I got into trouble at​ work because of​ your bed”. And so you ask him why and he answers that he woke up late because the​ bed was so comfortable. You’ll have showcased how comfortable your bed is​ and entertained your readers at​ the​ same time.

Again,​ there’s no exact formula for starting to​ write an​ article,​ just let your imagination run wild.

How To Start Writing An Article

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