How To Spot A Fake Spam Software

How To Spot A Fake Spam Software

How to​ Spot a​ Fake Spam Software
Spam blocking is​ not as​ hard as​ it​ sounds,​ or​ as​ you​ might think it​ is​ .​
It is​ actually as​ easy as​ one,​ two,​ three .​
You do not need to​ search the​ whole wide world looking for a​ solutin to​ your spam problems .​
It also does not require you​ to​ purchase or​ buy different kinds of​ tools,​ not to​ mention expensive ones .​
All you​ need is​ an​ effective spam blocking software and those spam mails that you​ hate to​ receive but,​ unfortunately for you,​ you​ still receive,​ are assured to​ be blocked.
However,​ there is​ still a​ hard part when it​ comes to​ spam blocking .​
This hard portion is​ not involved in​ the​ installing or​ in​ the​ downloading .​
It is​ concerned with the​ choosing of​ the​ spam blocking software that you​ want to​ install in​ your computer's system .​
Since you​ are to​ download and install certain spam blocking software to​ make your life easier for you,​ you​ have to​ make sure that you​ are about to​ download a​ true spam blocking software.
Why use the​ word true? Are there fake spam blocking software? Well,​ you​ would be surprised to​ know that yes,​ there are fake spam blocking software .​
What do these fake spam blocking tools do? Simple .​
They just pretend that they block spam,​ but actually,​ they do not .​
They just pretend that they are spam spyware,​ but they know,​ or​ do,​ nothing that is​ in​ any way related to​ blocking spam .​
These fake spam blocking software are branded to​ be dummy spam spyware.
They are not really able to​ detect whether a​ certain spam mail is​ indeed spam or​ not .​
They are just dummies,​ acting on​ their boss's call .​
If the​ boss,​ in​ this case,​ the​ spammer himself or​ herself,​ modifies the​ dummy to​ make believe that it​ is​ blocking spam mail,​ then that is​ exactly what it​ is​ going to​ do.
Downloading dummy spam spyware is​ very much useless and pointless .​
You wasted money,​ if​ ever you​ had to​ pay a​ big amount of​ money for its purchasing,​ downloading,​ or​ installing .​
You wasted time for doing all the​ aforementioned activities .​
And not just that,​ you​ also had you​ pride hurt for having been deceived by a​ dummy.
Be more scrutinizing in​ checking certain spam blocking software,​ because if​ you​ do not,​ then you​ just might not realize that the​ software you​ purchased is​ a​ dummy spam spyware .​
So think twice before buying software.

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