How To Replace Your Ipod Battery

How to​ replace your iPod Battery
iPods are a​ great invention,​ however many have complained about the​ lack of​ playtime and poor battery life .​
Previously,​ replacing an​ iPod battery was next to​ impossible .​
So when your battery dies,​ its time for a​ new iPod .​
This of​ course proved to​ be extremely expensive .​
As a​ result,​ manufacturers have begu​n producing aftermarket iPOD batteries for a​ DIY conscious producer .​
There are even high capacity batteries that will basically give you more playtime on​ your iPod in​ comparison to​ the​ original iPod batteries .​
An even better incentive to​ replace that dying battery!
I know what you’re thinking,​ you don’t want to​ rip apart that shiny iPod of​ yours! Aftermarket iPod batteries were designed to​ make the​ installation as​ simple as​ possible (it wasn’t really all that difficult to​ begin with anyway) .​
Since the​ batteries installation doesn’t require any soldering,​ the​ most difficult part is​ opening up the​ physical case .​
Since the​ iPod doesn’t contain any screws,​ the​ casing must be pried off in​ order to​ access the​ internal battery .​
I​ do not recommend using a​ screwdriver to​ do this as​ it​ will damage the​ case .​
a​ guitar pick has been recommended to​ do the​ job,​ but even better,​ some batteries come with the​ non scratch nylon tools required to​ open your iPod safely.
Below are some instructions on​ how to​ install your battery .​
I​ am aware that there are more than one
Steps to​ install the​ battery:
• Lay your iPod on​ a​ piece of​ cloth o non scratch surface .​
Using your non scratch tools,​ slowly insert it​ under the​ cover and begin to​ pry off the​ cover .​
You should hear it​ begin to​ open .​
Work your way by sliding the​ tool all around the​ edges .​
• the​ iPod is​ basically made of​ two halves .​
With both halves separated,​ put the​ empty shell aside.
• the​ other half will have all the​ internal components in​ there .​
You should be able to​ spot the​ battery in​ there .​
You will see that the​ battery is​ connected to​ the​ main circuit board of​ your iPod .​
Carefully unplug the​ old battery by pulling on​ the​ end of​ the​ connector.
• Get your new battery and plug in​ into the​ connector socket on​ your iPod’s circuit board .​
The connector will only go in​ one way so do make sure you insert it​ the​ right way up.
• Once it’s all connected up,​ put the​ cover back on​ by pressing the​ edges of​ the​ two halves together.
• Plug your charger in​ and let your new iPod charge up for at​ least 4 hours .​
All new batteries should get a​ longer than normal charge the​ first time around.
• Now you’re ready to​ enjoy your music once more!

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