How To Reduce Your Asthma With Yoga

How To Reduce Your Asthma With Yoga

Yoga has been a​ revelation for many people. They have found that they can improve the​ quality of​ their life with the​ power of​ yoga. Yoga combines both physical and mental activities,​ so it​ engages your whole body rather than just part of​ it. Some of​ the​ benefits of​ yoga include better breathing,​ easier relaxation and relief from the​ symptoms of​ asthma.

The reason that yoga can help with your asthma is​ that by using yoga,​ you will get your body back to​ a​ more natural state. Both your body and your mind will be less stressed.

Relaxation and deep breathing were made for each other. Both of​ them help you to​ calm down,​ clear your mind and re-energize your body. By spending a​ few minutes taking slow,​ controlled breaths and paying attention to​ your breathing rather than taking it​ for granted,​ you will notice that your breathing automatically becomes calmer. Rather than it's "normal",​ hyper-active state. in​ turn,​ this will bring more energy into your body and calm you down.

Try out this simple breathing relaxation exercise. Read the​ instructions through a​ couple of​ times and then start.

1. Sit down,​ making sure that your posture is​ good and your spine is​ straight as​ possible.

Place your feet flat on​ the​ floor and check that your knees are directly over your feet. Place your hands on​ top of​ your legs.

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. Concentrate your thoughts on​ your ribs and your lungs. Inhale slowly and deeply. Notice your lungs filling up and your ribs expanding outwards and upwards. Then slowly exhale,​ again noticing your lungs slowly releasing the​ air you've just breathed in​ and your ribs gradually going back in​ and down.

4. Repeat this routine once a​ day for up to​ 3 minutes when you first start out. Over the​ coming days,​ gradually increase up to​ 5 and then 10 minutes throughout the​ day as​ necessary.

Yoga breathing exercises have been shown to​ help sufferers of​ mild asthma. You may still need your medication and any other health devices,​ although you should notice that you need them less and less as​ you practice these techniques.

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