How To Quickly Submit Your Software

For software authors or​ publishers,​ the​ software publishing is​ a​ complicated and careful job. There are literally hundreds of​ shareware sites and each site has a​ slightly different method of​ submitting your program information. Because of​ this variation,​ most commercially available software submission programs simply cannot work for every different site. to​ publishing software successfully,​ we must take a​ series of​ preparative work ahead. Fellow are some tips and advices that can help us.

1. Take your software be ready for submission. the​ software must be ready for releasing,​ check it​ to​ make sure that it​ hasn’t any kinds of​ computer viruses or​ Trojan,​ then pack it,​ testing it​ in​ different operating systems to​ make sure that is​ can be run in​ various conditions.

2. Prepare a​ reliable space for the​ software we want to​ publish,​ give the​ right introductions,​ instructions and the​ way of​ purchasing,​ leave our address correctly in​ order that other people can find us,​ and browse our web site in​ different Internet browser to​ make sure that it’s available.

3. Create the​ PAD xml file of​ the​ software which we want to​ release. PAD is​ the​ Portable Application Description,​ and it​ helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to​ online sources in​ a​ standard way,​ using a​ standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to​ automate program listings. PAD saves time and energy for both authors and webmasters.

4. Using PADGen from Association of​ Shareware Professionals (ASP). PADGen can easily create Portable Application Descriptions (PAD) files for all our applications. Submitting the​ PAD xml file will easily allow webmasters access to​ all our information. With PADGen create a​ PAD xml file,​ the​ main contents we need input and the​ relevant notices we should advert include. Finally,​ we should check all the​ information we are submitting is​ correct. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and that all the​ URL’s work correctly. Also,​ try to​ get somebody else to​ check it​ (it is​ easy to​ miss our own mistakes). if​ we won’t want our job go to​ waste,​ well then take these advices.

6. Upload the​ PAD xml file which was created by PADGen to​ the​ web sites where we want to​ go and check it​ by yourself first. Test this PAD xml URL can work fine.

7. Submit our software to​ varied kinds of​ software publishing web sites,​ such as​,​,​,​ and so on; submit our web site to​ varied kinds of​ searching engines,​ such as​ yahoo,​ google,​ msn and so on.

8. you​ can try some a​ professional software submission service for shareware authors. if​ you​ want,​ you​ can choose the​ charged service of​ software releasing,​ such as​,​,​,​ and so on​ (we can also find some information on​ it).

9. Finally,​ always strengthen the​ function of​ our software and renew it​ regularly,​ keep in​ touch with varied software releasing web sites,​ we’d better set our own Newsletter service,​ informing our client and the​ websites about the​ regular renewal.

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