How To Prevent Workplace Industries

How To Prevent Workplace Industries
As a​ former safety manager in​ petrochemical plants I​ am a​ strong believer that ALL injuries can be avoided with proper planning,​ tools,​ and safety equipment.
I didn’t always think this way .​
When I​ began as​ a​ young carpenter building scaffolding up to​ as​ high as​ 600 feet,​ I​ thought sometimes accidents were just inevitable .​
As I​ gained more experience and saw accidents firsthand however,​ I​ changed my position .​
ALL accidents are preventable.
Most accidents occur from three reasons .​
The worker hasn’t take the​ time to​ assess the​ situation and decide on​ the​ best course of​ action to​ complete the​ task at​ hand or​ the​ worker is​ rushing to​ try to​ beat some kind of​ deadline or​ get a​ task finished before quitting time .​
The third is​ not having the​ proper equipment or​ tools to​ complete the​ job safely.
Let’s analyze these individually .​
When I​ worked in​ the​ petrochemical plant,​ workers usually worked in​ teams of​ at​ least two or​ three people .​
What we​ advised an​ instructed was for them to​ openly discuss the​ job at​ hand,​ the​ different methods to​ get the​ job done and the​ items needed to​ do the​ job safely .​
Nothing was done until they had agreed upon all of​ this and had acquired everything that was needed to​ accomplish the​ job in​ a​ safe manner .​
We had several thousand employees and went two years without a​ lost work day accident in​ an​ environment that is​ highly susceptible to​ accidents .​

There is​ never a​ reason to​ rush a​ job at​ the​ expense of​ safety .​
Rushing inhibits proper planning and clear thinking and invariably will result in​ an​ accident,​ poor workmanship,​ or​ both .​
It doesn’t make sense to​ rush when you know that the​ odds are if​ you get through it​ without injury you will have to​ do it​ over or​ even worse,​ you may not survive it.
There is​ never a​ reason not to​ have the​ proper tools and equipment to​ do a​ job .​
The rule is​ quite simple,​ if​ you do not have the​ tools and equipment to​ do the​ job safely don’t begin the​ job .​
This is​ one of​ the​ big contributors I​ have seen to​ injuries in​ the​ workplace and it​ is​ usually in​ combination with rushing.
These are the​ basic suggestions I​ will make to​ you if​ you want to​ return home with everything you came to​ work with.
Wear appropriate gloves to​ protect your hands from cuts,​ burns,​ and abrasions.
Wear safety glasses to​ prevent foreign objects from getting in​ your eyes.
Wear ear plugs to​ keep noise levels from permanently damaging your hearing.
If you are involved in​ work that involves heavy lifting,​ wear a​ back support.

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