How To Practice Meditation

How To Practice Meditation

Meditation is​ the​ most important practice for calming the​ mind. a​ calm mind can lead to​ a​ healthy,​ happy and successful life. it​ can cure diseases and speed up healing processes. We describe the​ simple technique below called prana-dharana. Prana in​ Sanskrit stands for the​ air that we breathe. it​ is​ the​ most basic act of​ life which starts from birth and goes on​ till death. But generally,​ we are not aware of​ the​ breath till our attention is​ drawn close to​ it. Dharana means its awareness. Prana-dharana means applying the​ mind to​ the​ flow of​ air when we breathe. the​ method is​ as​ described below:

Sit in​ a​ posture suitable for meditation. the​ common postures are Siddhasana,​ Padmasana and Swastikasana. But if​ you​ cannot do this,​ just sit cross-legged. Your back should be straight and eyes closed. Your knees should be placed well on​ the​ ground. Do not stoop your shoulders back. the​ whole body should be relaxed and the​ whole frame steady without exerting any pull or​ pressure on​ the​ thighs,​ feet,​ knees,​ spine or​ neck. There should be no stretch on​ tension along the​ abdominal wall. Let the​ abdominal wall sway gently back and forth very smoothly and effortlessly with each respiration. Facial muscles should be relaxed and mouth closed with a​ small gap between the​ two jaws such that the​ upper and lower teeth do not exert pressure on​ each other. Your tongue should touch the​ palate with tip touching the​ back of​ the​ upper front teeth. Ensure that the​ lips,​ tongue or​ the​ lower jaws do not move. Your eyeballs and eyelids should be steady and the​ muscles of​ the​ forehead relaxed.

Your entire posture should be comfortable,​ steady and relaxed. you​ should not feel strain on​ any part of​ the​ body. Now start developing the​ awareness of​ breathing. the​ flow of​ air should be uniform,​ slow and smooth. Do not make any effort or​ exercise any control. Never hold breath. Do not utter any word or​ see any image. This will calm your mind and help you​ achieve peace.

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