How To Make Writing Good Sales Copy A Snap

How To Make Writing Good Sales Copy a​ Snap
One of​ the​ biggest challenges to​ selling your product or​ service online is​ writing the​ sales copy .​
You are basically trying to​ use text to​ convey the​ benefits of​ your product to​ the​ buyer .​
Hopefully,​ the​ prospective buyer has already been searching for the​ answer to​ their problem .​
It is​ your job to​ convince them that your offer will satisfy their needs.
You have a​ product that you believe in​ and stand behind .​
Your price is​ competitive and you offer some incentives to​ the​ buyer .​
The problem is​ how to​ write a​ good,​ solid sales letter that will lead your prospects to​ buy from you .​
There are many ways to​ write effective sales copy .​
It is​ definitely not a​ cookie cutter science though .​
Learn to​ be attentive to​ the​ needs of​ your clients,​ and explain in​ simple language why they should buy the​ product you are selling .​
It is​ always in​ your best interest as​ a​ sales copy writer to​ keep things simple and to​ the​ point .​
With that said,​ let us move on​ to​ what components you should include in​ your sales letter to​ make it​ outstanding.
Start with the​ main focus of​ your sales letter: Ask yourself; What is​ the​ Unique Selling Position (USP) my company is​ trying to​ offer our clients? In other words,​ how is​ our product or​ service uniquely beneficial to​ the​ buyer? Answer this question first .​
Then you will have the​ basis for writing a​ compelling online sales message.
The USP must be something that your competitors do not offer,​ or​ your company does better for the​ customer .​
It might be something about the​ price,​ the​ superiority of​ your product or​ even the​ great service after the​ sale .​
Whatever you decide as​ your unique selling position,​ be sure to​ emphasize it​ more than once using simple down to​ earth language.
The outline to​ use for good sales copy includes these things in​ order of​ appearance on​ the​ page:
1 .​
Benefit Headline .​
Tell your customer exactly how they will benefit from buying your product now.
2 .​
State your USP in​ easy to​ understand text .​
Let the​ buyer know they have found a​ unique solution to​ their specific need.
3 .​
Give the​ reader an​ idea of​ the​ many advantages of​ owning your product .​
This will keep them interested in​ reading deeper into your copy to​ discover if​ it​ really is​ what they want to​ buy .​
3 to​ 5 bullet points should do it .​
Make the​ points clear and try to​ build desire in​ the​ reader's mind.
4 .​
With one line of​ definite purpose,​ restate the​ main benefit you started the​ sales copy with in​ the​ headline.
5 .​
Next,​ use a​ small list of​ the​ best features your product has to​ offer .​
a​ feature is​ something that the​ product has built into it​ that makes it​ special .​
This is​ important because here is​ where the​ buyer will make up their mind as​ to​ whether or​ not your product is​ right for them.
You have now captured your prospect's attention,​ interest and hopefully their desire .​
Some copywriters stress that the​ closing of​ the​ sale is​ the​ most important part of​ the​ sales letter .​
It is​ definitely important to​ emphasize this part of​ your pitch to​ the​ buyer .​
Usually a​ good incentive to​ make the​ purchase right now is​ necessary at​ this time .​
Use your judgement as​ to​ what you want to​ offer .​
This will help increase your sales conversion rate.
Closing the​ sale really comes down to​ simply asking for the​ person to​ buy your product .​
It may sound elementary,​ but do not overlook this part of​ the​ process .​
Experiment with different types of​ closing statements to​ see what works best .​
When you incorporate these elements of​ good sales copy,​ you will see an​ increase in​ the​ responses to​ your offers .​
Writing your own sales copy can be highly profitable when you follow these guidelines.

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