How To Make Offshore Software Development Work For You

How To Make Offshore Software Development Work For You

How to​ Make Offshore Software Development Work for You
If you're the​ owner of​ a​ small- to​ medium-sized business,​ you​ may have toyed with the​ idea of​ outsourcing your custom software development .​
You may have even taken the​ plunge and hired offshore freelancers in​ an​ attempt to​ get your information technology needs met while saving money .​
Unfortunately,​ many business owners who have tried outsourcing software development have had negative experiences .​
There may have been language barriers,​ insurmountable time zone differences,​ mismatched skill sets,​ or​ missed deadlines that caused innumerable headaches and cost overruns .​
As one executive ruefully admitted,​ We were penny wise and pound foolish .​
It's two years later,​ and the​ same executive now understands the​ secret to​ successfully outsourcing software development - and is​ glad he didn't give up after the​ first attempts at​ outsourcing failed so badly .​
When did the​ tide turn? When he started using an​ offshore software development company that,​ in​ essence,​ acted as​ an​ expediter .​
In other words,​ he contracts with a​ German company that in​ turn works with IT professionals and companies around the​ world to​ produce applications that are tailor made to​ his specifications .​
Because the​ German company can call on​ experienced IT professionals worldwide,​ it​ can perform agile software development without breaking a​ sweat .​
In turn,​ the​ German company carefully cultivates relationships with professionals who have a​ depth of​ knowledge in​ their particular specialty .​
In this way,​ the​ German company doesn't have a​ large staff with superficial knowledge,​ but rather can draw on​ the​ expertise necessary for individual projects .​
At the​ same time,​ it​ ultimately controls all aspects of​ each project,​ and ensures that deadlines and quality standards are met.
The executive touted the​ company he worked with as​ forming the​ bridge between our company and the​ technical staff that develop our software .​
By using a​ company with an​ efficient infrastructure,​ he is​ able to​ avoid the​ typical problems and risks associated with offshore projects - problems that he had experienced in​ past years .​
He appreciates that the​ German company can fulfill virtually any request,​ whether it​ is​ for consulting and training,​ business analysis,​ systems architecture,​ software development,​ or​ design .​
He is​ also thankful that he doesn't have to​ deal with the​ individual programmers and that he doesn't have to​ find someone to​ stitch all of​ the​ pieces together .​
Without exception,​ we receive software that has been extensively tested,​ and is​ bug-free and ready to​ deploy,​ he said .​
We get all of​ the​ benefits of​ offshore software development without any of​ the​ hassles.
Unless you​ have a​ large IT department that can design the​ custom software that your enterprise needs - and today's business environment makes that impractical for most companies - you​ have to​ rely on​ people outside of​ your company .​
The most cost-efficient and effective way to​ accomplish this is​ through a​ fast and reliable offshore software development company that will provide you​ with a​ turnkey product that has been extensively tested.

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