How To Make Money Writing Magazine Articles

How to​ Make Money Writing Magazine Articles
Are you looking to​ make money writing articles? If you are,​ many might assume that you want to​ write articles that can be viewed online .​
You may,​ however,​ have other ideas .​
One of​ those ideas may involve writing magazine articles .​

If you are new to​ writing magazine articles,​ you may be looking for helpful tips .​
First,​ it​ is​ important to​ research before you write .​
This research can easily be done online,​ with a​ standard internet search,​ or​ by purchasing a​ copy of​ the​ Writer’s Market books .​
These books outline paying publications,​ including magazines,​ and their expectations .​

As for the​ importance of​ research,​ it​ can save you time and money .​
Magazines specialize in​ a​ number of​ different genres; determine what these genres are ahead of​ time .​
You need to​ find the​ magazines that would be the​ perfect fit for your article .​
Research can also increase your chances of​ getting published,​ as​ many publishing companies specifically outline what they are looking for and what they are not.
Once you have decided which magazines you would like to​ write an​ article for submission,​ buy copies of​ that magazine .​
At the​ very least,​ see if​ magazine articles are available on​ the​ company’s website for viewing .​
It is​ not uncommon for a​ particular magazine to​ have a​ specific style of​ writing that it​ follows .​
Make sure your article is​ unique,​ but follows the​ same the​ writing style.
Another way to​ improve your chances of​ getting a​ magazine article published is​ to​ choose the​ topic of​ your article wisely .​
Write on​ a​ topic that you have a​ great interest in​ or​ one that you are passionate about .​
When a​ topic tugs at​ your heart,​ your article is​ likely to​ be more involved and of​ better quality .​
Also,​ write on​ a​ topic that you are educated on​ .​
Are you an​ individual with a​ teaching background? If so,​ use your background to​ write informative pieces on​ education,​ and so forth .​
Many professional publishing companies not only want quality articles,​ but articles that are backed with facts,​ figures,​ and knowledge.
Setting realistic goals for yourself is​ important .​
If you are new to​ freelance writing,​ don’t expect to​ see your article accepted and published the​ first time around .​
Yes,​ you want to​ aim high,​ but do not let a​ rejection letter bring you down .​
Instead,​ use it​ to​ improve your article writing quality .​

Another easy way to​ improve your chances of​ getting a​ magazine article published is​ to​ get published online first .​
Many publishing companies ask to​ see samples of​ your previous work,​ want a​ summary of​ your work experience,​ or​ ask for references .​
Having content published online,​ even if​ it​ is​ only on​ a​ personal website or​ blog,​ can help to​ make you appear as​ an​ experienced,​ writer .​
Namely,​ one that can bring something to​ the​ magazine .​
For the​ best success,​ target websites that are known as​ eZines,​ as​ they are online magazines.
When submitting an​ article for submission,​ it​ is​ important to​ follow all directions given you .​
As stated above,​ most publishing companies will tell you what they want or​ don’t want .​
Can you submit the​ full article or​ are proposals requested? Should you double space or​ single space your article? Are samples of​ prior work published needed? Always submit articles for submission as​ they are requested .​
This alone significantly improves your chances of​ getting published.

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