How To Maintain Your Mental Health

How To Maintain Your Mental Health 1

In recent years people have realized the​ importance of​ proper diet and exercise,​ and recent surveys show that over the​ last 20 years people are eating better and working out more often,​ resulting in​ people living longer,​ but people are still lacking in​ their understanding that their mental well being is​ just as​ important as​ their physical health.

Today most people get on​ average 4 to​ 6 hours of​ exercise every day,​ and make sure that everything they put in​ their mouths is​ not filled with sugars or​ preservatives,​ but they pay no attention to​ their mental health,​ no vacations,​ not even the​ occasional long weekend,​ 60 hour weeks,​ taking work home with them and even working weekends. All of​ this for hopes of​ one day getting that big promotion. What good will it​ do you​ when your brain overloads and you​ have a​ breakdown in​ the​ office.

In the​ end your physical health will suffer no matter how well you​ eat and how often you​ exercise. you​ will wind up with high blood pressure,​ stress and tension all of​ which raises the​ chances of​ you​ having a​ stroke or​ heart attack.

In hopes of​ helping you​ avoid this I am providing you​ with the​ things I do to​ keep my mental health in​ tip top condition.

My absolute favorite thing to​ do to​ refocus myself is​ to​ go for a​ long ride on​ my Harley. Nothing brings the​ world back into focus like riding free like the​ wind,​ there is​ no better forms of​ therapy as​ far as​ I am concerned.

Another great way to​ relieve the​ stresses in​ your life and help put a​ sparkle in​ your mental health is​ a​ trip to​ the​ casinos. Most people go to​ the​ casinos and expect to​ go home a​ winner,​ I do not. I go to​ have a​ good time.

I enjoy the​ skill required in​
blackjack or​ poker,​ or​ just like pressing my luck on​ the​ roulette wheel or​ slot machine. I also make sure not to​ take my credit cards with me to​ the​ casinos. Every week I put a​ few bucks on​ the​ side and when I have enough to​ go to​ the​ casino I go,​ and have a​ real good time. This way I can blow every penny I bring with me and know I am not hurting my self financially.

Sometime I just like to​ sit at​ a​ poker table,​ blackjack table or​ roulette table and just make small bets. This may not be as​ exciting as​ risking large sums of​ money,​ but in​ the​ end I play longer,​ and I probably win more often. the​ best part is​ because I do not expect to​ win I am not disappointed when I don’t win,​ and on​ those occasions that I do win beside going home with more money I have a​ supper big smile on​ my face because the​ night was all that much better.

Another reason why I love the​ casinos is​ how far they are from where I live so I can take my bike out in​ the​ morning have a​ good 3 hour drive to​ Atlantic City then at​ the​ end of​ the​ day I get to​ enjoy another 3 hours on​ my Harley,​ and if​ the​ weather is​ really bad I can either take my truck or​ just stay home and log on​ to​ one of​ the​ many online casinos available to​ choose from.

I also enjoy watching an​ hour or​ 2 of​ television every night,​ some light sitcoms are a​ great way to​ lighten your minds load,​ and laughing out loud for 30 seconds every day is​ a​ great way to​ release stress.

Video games are also great for stress release,​ if​ you​ are mad at​ your boss what better way to​ get it​ out of​ you​ then boxing,​ just imagine you​ are pounding on​ your boss and hope you​ don’t lose.

I hope you​ try some of​ these methods or​ think of​ some of​ your own to​ help keep the​ stress down in​ your life and keep your mental health in​ as​ good of​ condition as​ the​ rest of​ you.

How To Maintain Your Mental Health

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