How To Love Writing

How To Love Writing

If you belong to​ the​ few who like to​ write – if​ you enjoy "the finest melody the​ words make,​" the​ rhythm and pace of​ phrases and sentences,​ the​ architectural possibilities of​ paragraphs – do not read this article. it​ is​ intended for those who don’t have such warm feelings for writing. For those who experience great anxiety and discouragement every time they have to​ put some words to​ paper.

We hate writing especially college or​ university written assignments for toil,​ anxiety they cause. we​ are tired of​ hearing severe words of​ ruthless criticism for being "unclear" or​ "vague" or​ "wordy” in​ our writings. But still we​ can’t escape the​ necessity of​ writing,​ unless you choose to​ turn for help to​ a​ freelance writer. Even for such people that seem “hopeless” from the​ first sight there is​ a​ possibility to​ become freelance writer. it​ sounds very disappointing that writing has become something intimidating and unpleasant. I don’t think it​ deserves such a​ negative attitude. Let’s have a​ look at​ the​ better side of​ writing and forget about chaotic thoughts,​ broken sentence structures and low marks for all our efforts. Before making a​ decision that a​ good freelance wanted writer will be a​ solution to​ your problems,​ consider a​ couple of​ facts. You can trust me that writing will help you to​ grow and develop your potential. When you write you discover whether you really understand the​ problem,​ or​ think you do; and the​ very process of​ writing makes you think,​ and think much. Your first work may not be perfect but the​ pride of​ the​ accomplishment will make the​ services of​ freelance job writer unnecessary. When you read works of​ prominent writers,​ you think that writing comes to​ them spontaneously and they generate their masterpieces quickly and with no efforts at​ all. in​ fact it​ is​ quite the​ opposite. Beneath the​ surface there is​ a​ hidden history of​ struggle,​ false starts and dead ends,​ incoherent and vague ideas laboriously worked into clear,​ lucid text. Not every person involved in​ freelance writing work thought that it​ would be the​ way to​ earn a​ living. Holding a​ freelance writing position one can generate ideas and create masterpieces,​ but writing requires will and burning desire not to​ quit a​ job right in​ the​ middle of​ the​ process when nothing seems to​ be right. Every writer is​ aware that freelance academic writing is​ not just a​ resource of​ income,​ but also a​ way to​ teach students and post-graduates a​ culture of​ writing by own samples.

Good writing,​ like any craft,​ is​ the​ result of​ training,​ practice,​ and persistence. That can be discouraging,​ but it​ should also encourage you: if​ you persist,​ if​ you work,​ if​ you try,​ you will become a​ better writer,​ a​ good writer,​ able to​ express your thoughts with elegance and clarity. Over the​ long term the​ best thing you can do to​ become a​ better writer is​ to​ read a​ lot and develop your own judgment and skill. Read stories,​ newspaper and magazine articles,​ novels,​ poetry,​ email,​ online stuff,​ magazine ads,​ cornflakes boxes,​ movie reviews,​ and freelance writing samples,​ whatever. You'll discover lots of​ excellent writing and lots of​ revolting writing – and once you have a​ bit of​ a​ critical eye you can learn useful lessons from everything you come across. Above all,​ just read,​ read,​ read. Learn to​ stop fussing about and just take pleasure in​ playing with words. Finally,​ write for yourself – write to​ reflect,​ write to​ learn,​ and write to​ become a​ wiser and better person.

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