How To Link To Your Website When Writing Articles

How To Link To Your Website When Writing Articles

However,​ you must know how to​ link to​ your website properly to​ get the​ full benefits of​ linking. if​ you don’t link properly,​ they could kill your marketing efforts.

Often times,​ many writers make the​ same mistakes. They put typically try to​ send someone to​ their website directly from their article. in​ the​ resource box,​ they provide a​ raw link with the​ URL of​ the​ website. Below is​ one of​ the​ biggest mistakes that an​ author can make:

“If you enjoy shopping find out how you can get cash back from your online shopping. Visit us at​ Click here now!”

Most often,​ writers will use the​ same generic resource box in​ all or​ their articles,​ no matter the​ topic of​ their writing. Unfortunately,​ because they use this resource box,​ the​ wrong way,​ they get very few benefits from their writing efforts.

Writers must understand that in​ order to​ rank high in​ the​ search engines for a​ keyword phrase,​ that the​ most important factor that will allow them to​ achieve their goal is​ having links from external websites using this keyword phrase linking to​ the​ writer.

If hundreds of​ websites say that your site is​ talking about Shoes,​ even if​ the​ keyword “shoes” is​ not on​ your site,​ search engines will believe the​ majority.

When a​ searcher enters “shoes”,​ search engines will for sure show your website. This has been proven numerous times,​ you can try it​ yourself:

Open and enter the​ following query: “worst president” without the​ quotes. Have a​ look at​ the​ #1 website (,​ the​ text “worst president” doesn’t exist in​ the​ page at​ all!

This tactic is​ so powerful that if​ you spent enough efforts into it,​ you could redirect people looking for Wendy’s to​ the​ Mc Donald’s website!

It’s VERY EASY to​ create useful links. Take the​ example of​ someone promoting a​ website about “shopping online”.

1. the​ first thing to​ do,​ is​ to​ use this keyword phrase or​ some variations of​ this keyword phrase in​ the​ anchor text of​ your link. if​ you’re not familiar with HTML,​ it​ is​ done like that: This HTML code creates a​ link like: Anchor Text

2. Then in​ the​ resource box,​ you have to​ use as​ many related terms as​ you can because search engines,​ especially Google,​ take the​ surrounding text into account.

Take a​ look at​ the​ resource box below for this article. There are several links to​ the​ website using related keyword phrases. the​ surrounding text is​ also using related terms,​ even if​ they are not links,​ they will help the​ search engines and tell them what your website is​ talking about. Creating such resource boxes when you submit your articles to​ article directories will increase ten folds the​ benefits of​ your links.

Another important point is​ to​ use different resource boxes and different anchor texts each time you submit a​ new article. Don’t waste your writing efforts because of​ a​ poor linking strategy! Use this tactic right now and be amazed by the​ results.

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