How To Know Which SEO Software Tool Suits Your Search Engine Optimization Needs

Search engine optimization has become the​ most crucial element of​ ranking high in​ the​ major search engines like Google,​ Yahoo,​ MSN,​ Altavista,​ Dogpile etc. There are several websites on​ the​ internet which boast about SEO techniques & tips and guarantee top placement in​ days. How do you​ believe and invest your hard earned money in​ a​ company who does not have a​ background in​ search engine optimization believing their claims?

The question is​ “are you​ ready to​ play a​ gamble with your site?” Honestly the​ answer would be a​ big NO.

No one would like to​ waste their money. So,​ what is​ the​ way out? How about doing your own search engine optimization? it​ is​ a​ very long drawn and tedious process if​ you​ do it​ manually. So,​ how to​ go about it?

Are there any softwares available to​ do the​ SEO?

Yes! there are several SEO softwares available in​ the​ market. But,​ how do you​ know which SEO software is​ reliable and meet your search engine optimization needs and most importantly,​ whether they would live up to​ their claims?

SEO software is​ the​ answer to​ implement the​ major SEO techniques. What are they? SEO is​ primarily divided into two parts.

• on​ page optimization
• Off page optimization

On page optimization

On page optimization involves:

• Title Tags
• Meta Tags like meta keywords (lost its importance now due to​ keywords abuse) & meta description.
• Alt-Image tags
• H1,​ H2 tags
• High keyword density
• Quality content
• Ease of​ navigation
• Internal Linking and more…..

Off page optimization

Off page optimization involves:

• Link Building to​ improve Link popularity
• Reciprocal Linking – Two way links
• Non-reciprocal linking – In-bound links
• Use of​ keyword rich anchor text in​ linking text
• Improving Google page rank
• PPC advertisements
• Directory submissions

It is​ a​ well known fact that off page optimization has more value than on​ page optimization. it​ does not mean that on​ page optimization has no value and requires no optimization. on​ page optimization has its value and should not be ignored.

There are several SEO softwares available to​ implement the​ off page optimization by improving link popularity by building both reciprocal and non-reciprocal links. There are websites which offer monthly membership accounts to​ use their Link Popularity software and some other websites have their software available for one time fee. For a​ beginner it​ is​ always better to​ go with one time fee software to​ keep the​ fixed expenses low. you​ are here to​ do business so you​ need to​ think and plan every dime you​ spend towards business success.

So,​ what to​ expect from a​ SEO software selling website?

• Not a​ one time seller without any future upgrades
• a​ website with good technical support
• a​ website with a​ proven track record
• a​ website with a​ forum with quality user feedback
• Most importantly these website’s SEO software should have good product reviews.

We see many SEO software companies doing their own product reviews and it​ looks more like self propaganda than an​ honest product review. We need websites who test and verify the​ claims made by the​ SEO software companies and publish their honest feedback. This would help the​ newbie website owners to​ make an​ educated decision after reading the​ detailed unbiased analysis published on​ a​ third party website.

There are very few websites that do this and should be encouraged to​ test and verify more of​ these SEO softwares and help the​ website owners to​ learn and implement the​ off page optimization techniques. This would save time and money of​ the​ online entrepreneurs to​ improve their link popularity and increase their search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings bring more traffic to​ the​ websites and hence more sales. it​ is​ a​ known fact that we can drive visitors to​ websites but converting them into buyers totally relies on​ how effective is​ the​ content and ease of​ website’s navigation.

We should develop effective content in​ the​ form of​ relevant articles linking to​ your website. Writing an​ effective article is​ a​ skill which needs to​ be developed by reading other articles and other e-books focusing on​ writing best articles. Now we should know the​ list of​ quality article directories to​ submit to​ in​ the​ right category. This would be another tedious and time consuming process and this demands an​ SEO software whose sole aim is​ article submission to​ various article directories.

Submitting to​ SEO friendly directories is​ another tedious process but the​ rewards worth the​ effort involved. the​ list of​ SEO friendly directories and the​ article directories is​ available at​

Another way of​ getting traffic to​ the​ website is​ thru PPC i.e Pay Per Click. There are several PPC programs available like Google Adwords,​ Overture PPC,​ FindWhat etc. Now the​ question is​ choosing the​ right keyword relevant to​ the​ content of​ your website is​ very important. you​ might choose the​ right keyword which is​ highly competitive and may have to​ pay a​ high bid price to​ get the​ higher placement in​ the​ sponsored links. We need an​ SEO software to​ optimize the​ adwords campaign to​ choose the​ right keyword combo to​ choose for the​ PPC. This would save money and time and helps beat the​ competition.

There are several other effective methods to​ do the​ off page optimization and there are several SEO softwares available in​ the​ market. So,​ in​ conclusion read the​ product reviews,​ and see the​ important features of​ the​ selling website as​ mentioned above for the​ final decision as​ which SEO software you​ should get your hands on.

Wishing you​ all success in​ your website’s search engine optimization.
How To Know Which SEO Software Tool Suits Your Search Engine Optimization Needs How To Know Which SEO Software Tool Suits Your Search Engine
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