How To Ipod Your Car

How To Ipod Your Car

If you like to​ ipod your car - pump music on​ your ipod through your car stereo system - apart from changing to​ a​ brand new car that has ipod integration such as​ BMW,​ Mercedes-Benz,​ Nissan and Volvo - there are other options available to​ you.

If your car does not have the​ ipod connectivity,​ the​ solution to​ ipod your car is​ to​ install an​ ipod adaptor.

An ipod adaptor retailed by companies such as​ Peripheral and Monster can be installed within the​ cavern of​ wires behind your car dashboard,​ with one prong from adaptor going to​ the​ back of​ your stereo while another prong goes to​ a​ ipod holder near the​ front seats of​ the​ car.

The ipod adaptor works like an​ emulator and tricks the​ stereo to​ think it​ is​ a​ CD changer,​ so that you can use the​ track buttons on​ the​ stereo faceplate to​ select songs of​ your choice.

Installing an​ ipod changer might be difficult for the​ non-mechanical inclined,​ and the​ services of​ a​ trained mechanic might be easier.

If your car is​ too old,​ the​ factory installed stereo might not be suitable for ipod integration. For such cars,​ it​ is​ advisable to​ install a​ new player from manufacturers such as​ Alpine,​ Kenwood and Pioneer.

If sound quality is​ important to​ you,​ the​ use of​ ipod cassete adaptors is​ not recommended as​ the​ sound quality is​ not good enough,​ and more importantly they do not recharge the​ ipod's battery.

Yet another solution is​ to​ use a​ FM modulator that can produce better sound,​ and can recharge the​ batteries,​ but cannot be directly controlled from the​ radio.

With these drawbacks,​ the​ ipod cassete adaptor and the​ FM modulator are not the​ best options,​ and it​ is​ still the​ ipod adaptor that is​ recommended.

To facilitate your personal research and to​ find out what ipod integration is​ necessary for the​ model of​ your car,​ there are online catalogues from car audio online websites such as​ that from

So your first step is​ to​ determine the​ ipod integration requirements for your car and get the​ suitable adaptor. Before long,​ you can be pumping your ipod tracks through your car stereo and enjoying your favorite songs.

How To Ipod Your Car

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