How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon

How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon 1

How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon
If you own an​ iPod,​ more than likely you have enjoyed the​ many hours of​ music listened to​ on​ this great piece of​ technology .​
However,​ you may lose the​ enjoyment if​ the​ sad face appears on​ your iPod .​
It might be easy to​ panic,​ but before you do and go out a​ buy a​ new one,​ there are a​ few things that you can do to​ hopefully get rid of​ the​ sad face on​ your iPod.
Usually the​ sad face will come up on​ your iPod if​ there is​ a​ problem with retrieving data .​
There can be a​ variety of​ things that will cause this to​ happen .​
If you drop your iPod,​ this may cause a​ problem that results in​ the​ sad face .​
If you have a​ sad face,​ and try to​ hook your iPod into your computer and nothing comes up,​ then more than likely you will have to​ restore the​ iPod.
Before you restore your iPod there are some things you can try first .​
You need to​ make sure that you computer supports your iPod and be sure that you have updated to​ the​ current software that is​ needed .​
If you do not have the​ newest software for your iPod,​ try downloading it​ online and then trying out your iPod with your computer again .​
If you are using an​ older Mac computer,​ then you can use an​ iPod dock connector to​ get your iPod connected into your computer .​
Once you get the​ iPod symbol to​ come up on​ your computer you should be able to​ restore it.
There are a​ few ways that will help you get your iPod to​ go into the​ disk mode .​
First of​ all you need to​ connect your iPod to​ a​ power adaptor and plug it​ in​ to​ start resetting an​ iPod with a​ scroll or​ touch wheel .​
Then you will want to​ take the​ hold switch and turn it​ on​ and then off .​
After that press the​ play button and the​ menu button for a​ few seconds until you can see the​ Apple log .​
You can repeat this if​ it​ doesn’t work the​ first time.
If you have an​ iPod that has a​ click wheel you will have to​ do things a​ bit differently .​
First of​ all you will want to​ turn the​ hold switch on​ and then off .​
Then you will press the​ menu and select button for a​ few seconds until the​ Apple log appears so you can see it​ on​ the​ screen .​
If this does not work and you are still having a​ problem,​ then put the​ iPod on​ something that is​ flat,​ then press the​ select button and be sure not to​ touch the​ click wheel while doing so.
If you do have to​ totally restore your iPod remember that you will lose everything that was on​ the​ iPod before .​
You should always make sure that you backup the​ files you have on​ the​ iPod .​
If none of​ the​ troubleshooting tips help you out,​ you may have to​ take it​ to​ someone who can service it .​
If you have to​ do this check your warranty to​ see if​ your iPod is​ still covered .​
If you still have coverage you may be able to​ get a​ new one for free.

How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon

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