How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon

How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon

How To Fix An Ipod With Sad Face Icon
If you own an​ iPod,​ more than likely you have enjoyed the​ many hours of​ music listened to​ on​ this great piece of​ technology .​
However,​ you may lose the​ enjoyment if​ the​ sad face appears on​ your iPod .​
It might be easy to​ panic,​ but before you do and go out a​ buy a​ new one,​ there are a​ few things that you can do to​ hopefully get rid of​ the​ sad face on​ your iPod.
Usually the​ sad face will come up on​ your iPod if​ there is​ a​ problem with retrieving data .​
There can be a​ variety of​ things that will cause this to​ happen .​
If you drop your iPod,​ this may cause a​ problem that results in​ the​ sad face .​
If you have a​ sad face,​ and try to​ hook your iPod into your computer and nothing comes up,​ then more than likely you will have to​ restore the​ iPod.
Before you restore your iPod there are some things you can try first .​
You need to​ make sure that you computer supports your iPod and be sure that you have updated to​ the​ current software that is​ needed .​
If you do not have the​ newest software for your iPod,​ try downloading it​ online and then trying out your iPod with your computer again .​
If you are using an​ older Mac computer,​ then you can use an​ iPod dock connector to​ get your iPod connected into your computer .​
Once you get the​ iPod symbol to​ come up on​ your computer you should be able to​ restore it.
There are a​ few ways that will help you get your iPod to​ go into the​ disk mode .​
First of​ all you need to​ connect your iPod to​ a​ power adaptor and plug it​ in​ to​ start resetting an​ iPod with a​ scroll or​ touch wheel .​
Then you will want to​ take the​ hold switch and turn it​ on​ and then off .​
After that press the​ play button and the​ menu button for a​ few seconds until you can see the​ Apple log .​
You can repeat this if​ it​ doesn’t work the​ first time.
If you have an​ iPod that has a​ click wheel you will have to​ do things a​ bit differently .​
First of​ all you will want to​ turn the​ hold switch on​ and then off .​
Then you will press the​ menu and select button for a​ few seconds until the​ Apple log appears so you can see it​ on​ the​ screen .​
If this does not work and you are still having a​ problem,​ then put the​ iPod on​ something that is​ flat,​ then press the​ select button and be sure not to​ touch the​ click wheel while doing so.
If you do have to​ totally restore your iPod remember that you will lose everything that was on​ the​ iPod before .​
You should always make sure that you backup the​ files you have on​ the​ iPod .​
If none of​ the​ troubleshooting tips help you out,​ you may have to​ take it​ to​ someone who can service it .​
If you have to​ do this check your warranty to​ see if​ your iPod is​ still covered .​
If you still have coverage you may be able to​ get a​ new one for free.

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