How To Find The Perfect Formal Hairstyle

How to​ Find the​ Perfect Formal Hairstyle
Finding the​ right hairstyle for​ that special occasion can be a​ big chore. No matter whether it​ is​ your wedding day or​ a​ formal work party,​ looking your best is​ always your top priority and you​ pay just as​ much attention to​ your hair as​ you​ do your dress. So,​ how can you​ find perfect updos and formal styles to​ suit your individual personality and style of​ dress?
Probably the​ best place to​ start is​ online. There are literally hundreds of​ photo galleries dedicated to​ updos and formal hairstyles alone. By browsing these sites,​ you​ can find numerous styles and print them out so that you​ can share them with your stylist. All you​ need to​ do to​ find these photo galleries is​ perform a​ quick search for​ updos in​ your favorite search engine. Many of​ these sites also have how to​ articles to​ help you​ do your hair yourself at​ home.
Another great way to​ find unique formal styles is​ to​ browse through your salon’s style books and portfolios. in​ most salons,​ there are stylists that specialize in​ different updo techniques. a​ salon might have one stylist who can create amazing braided and basket weaved updos whereas another stylist may be able to​ create sleek timeless classics perfectly. By looking through a​ portfolio and seeing each stylist’s actual work,​ you​ can get a​ feel of​ whether or​ not their style would suit your preferences. And you​ can get a​ glimpse of​ signature styles that you​ cannot find anywhere else.
You can also find photos and how to​ articles in​ many magazines that are geared toward wedding preparations. Hair style magazines also come out with an updo issue occasionally.
Once you​ have found a​ good source of​ formal hairstyle photos,​ you​ need to​ narrow your choices down to​ a​ few favorites. When doing this,​ pay attention to​ the​ model’s hair. if​ she has extremely thick hair,​ you​ may not be able to​ achieve quite the​ same look if​ your hair is​ thin and fine and vice versa.
After you​ have narrowed down your choices,​ begin experimenting with the​ different styles by pulling your hair up in​ mock positions. Find one or​ two combinations that you​ think would look the​ best and take them to​ your hairdresser for​ a​ trial run.
Granted,​ finding a​ style this way rather than letting your stylist have his or​ her lead may take a​ little bit of​ time,​ but when you​ help in​ the​ planning process,​ you​ will ensure that you​ get a​ perfect formal do that will be the​ envy of​ the​ party.

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