How To Find Paying Telecommuting Writing Jobs Online

As a​ freelance writer,​ you probably spend hours scanning free job boards looking for telecommuting writing jobs -- in​ other words,​ freelance writing jobs you can do from home. With so many websites listing non-paying gigs amongst their paying job postings,​ it​ can take an​ hour or​ more each day to​ wade through the​ mess. Not to​ mention,​ just because a​ job is​ listed as​ a​ freelance job doesn't necessarily mean you can do the​ work from home. Many job posters are looking for freelance writers who will come to​ their place of​ business and do the​ writing work on-site. For those of​ us freelance writers who telecommute,​ this only complicates our job search.

My daily freelance writing job search on​ free job boards consists of​ the​ following: I pull up Indeed dot com and enter in​ several groups of​ search terms,​ such as​ "freelance writer" and "writer" "telecommute" -- there are at​ least a​ dozen keyword groups I search after these,​ but you get the​ idea. Then,​ I move on​ to​ the​ JournalismJobs dot com,​ WriteJobsdot com,​ and even Online-Writing-Jobs dot com. Then comes Craigslist,​ with its dreaded wade through the​ pools of​ non-paying gigs,​ gigs that pay in​ ad revenue only,​ and gigs that list "TBD" in​ the​ payment line. After much practice,​ I've honed my job searching system down to​ a​ half-hour process. of​ course,​ this is​ just search time and doesn't include the​ time spent responding to​ ads,​ attaching resumes/writing samples,​ etc.

As seems to​ be the​ trend in​ the​ freelance writing world,​ most job posters never reply back. the​ few that do seem interested might ask for follow-up details and then disappear from the​ face of​ the​ earth,​ frequently because they find my rates not within their $3 per article budget. Let's face it​ -- the​ process of​ searching for telecommuting writing jobs on​ free job boards can be infuriating.

So,​ what are the​ alternatives to​ searching for telecommuting writing jobs on​ free job boards? Pay a​ membership fee to​ sites like GoFreelance dot comor JustMarkets dot com. Or,​ go with the​ job bidding sites like Elance dot com or​ Writerlance dot com. But,​ what about people who can't afford the​ fees? Chances are,​ if​ you're just starting out,​ your budget won't allow you the​ cost of​ such luxuries. Although membership sites may be considered legitimate business deductions for tax purposes (depending on​ where you live),​ the​ bottom line is​ that the​ money will come out of​ your pocket initially,​ even if​ you do deduct the​ cost on​ your taxes later.

Of course,​ there are the​ traditional methods for finding telecommuting writing jobs,​ like creating a​ website to​ advertise your freelance writing services,​ and visiting job sites that allow you to​ post your freelance writing resume free. Posting in​ freelance writing forums and networking with other writers can help you get clients. Starting a​ blog is​ another route many freelance writers take to​ get noticed. Paying for pay-per-click advertisements and even writing articles to​ submit to​ free directories can also help. Still,​ for the​ bulk of​ freelance writers,​ most jobs still come from taking the​ time to​ search for telecommuting writing jobs online.

Unfortunately,​ there is​ no path to​ finding telecommuting writing jobs that won't take some time or​ money. However,​ by getting into a​ regular job-search routine and using bookmarks and job feeds to​ your advantage,​ you can speed up the​ process and make things a​ little less frustrating for yourself.

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