How To Dye Your Pubic Hair

How to​ Dye Your Pubic Hair
More recently,​ women have become aware about the​ condition of​ their pubic hair. From Brazilian waxes to​ pubic hair shaping and pubic shaving,​ women are starting to​ treat their pubic region with much more care and attention. for​ a​ lot of​ women,​ shaving their pubic region is​ a​ step too far and many would just like to​ improve the​ look of​ their pubic hair. One easy way to​ do this is​ by coloring or​ dyeing your pubic hair.
Coloring or​ dyeing your pubic hair is​ a​ quick and easy way to​ cover over some of​ those gray hairs that may be creeping in. Alternatively,​ you​ may just want a​ change and what better way to​ surprise your partner than with a​ new pubic hair color?
One important point to​ make at​ this stage is​ that sometimes hair colors and dyes may cause irritability. With the​ pubic region being such a​ sensitive area great care must be taken not to​ irritate or​ damage the​ skin in​ any way.
How to​ Dye Your Pubic Hair.
The first step is​ to​ obtain your hair dye. Go down to​ your favorite beauty/hair/​Drug​ store and purchase a​ standard hair dye coloring kit that best matches your pubic hair color. One great tip here is​ that because pubic hair can be coarser and slightly darker than your head hair; go for​ one shade darker than you​ would if​ you​ were buying for​ your head hair.
Although you​ may already be using a​ favorite hair dye product,​ it​ would be wise to​ test the​ hair coloring on​ a​ small patch of​ skin on​ your pubic area. if​ ANY signs of​ redness/itching/soreness or​ other adverse effects arise do not go any further and seek medical advice about using such products.
Before going any further,​ take the​ instructions from the​ Hair Dyeing product and read the​ instructions CAREFULLY. Once you​ have satisfied yourself that you​ understand them fully,​ continue to​ the​ next step.
You are now ready to​ dye your pubic hair.
Apply a​ small amount of​ petroleum jelly on​ the​ sensitive areas of​ your genitals. if​ any spills occur,​ this will prevent the​ dye getting to​ your most sensitive areas. Once you​ have done this,​ put on​ the​ gloves that are provided with the​ Hair Dye product. Now mix the​ color as​ per instructions and then add a​ small amount of​ moisturizing shampoo to​ the​ mix. Make sure they are completely mixed together.
Now gently brush the​ mix onto your pubic hairs,​ concentrating on​ the​ areas that need most attention. Leave the​ mixture applied as​ laid out in​ the​ instructions,​ usually 10 minutes to​ 30 minutes.
Don't worry if​ you​ did not achieve the​ color you​ wanted on​ the​ first attempt. Wait a​ few days to​ avoid irritation and just reapply as​ laid out above. Eventually you​ will build to​ the​ color you​ desired.
Enjoy your new look!

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