How To Download And Convert Movies Into Ipod Movies

How To Download And Convert Movies Into Ipod Movies 1

How to​ Download and Convert Movies into iPod Movies
Watching iPod movies is​ just one of​ the​ many ways you can enjoy your iPod .​
But hold on​ .​
Before you hit the​ Internet looking for movies to​ play on​ your iPod,​ there is​ something you should know .​
You cannot just click and play .​
First,​ you'll need some helper software to​ get the​ movie into a​ format your iPod can handle .​
Although there are some companies that want you to​ plunk down your credit card for that software,​ this isn’t necessary .​
Once you finish reading this article,​ you’ll know how the​ secret to​ downloading and converting movies into iPod movies for FREE!
Step #1 of​ this free process is​ to​ install the​ latest version of​ iTunes on​ your computer .​
This is​ easy because there is​ a​ free version of​ iTunes waiting for you on​ the​ Apple website .​
Just click on​,​ read through the​ system requirements,​ and begin the​ download .​
The iTunes installation program will guide you through the​ necessary steps.
With iTunes installed on​ your computer,​ you’re one step closer to​ being able to​ watch iPod movies .​
The next step involves moving your preferred movie files into the​ iTunes directory .​
If you have not downloaded any movies yet,​ go to​ your online movie source and begin downloading .​
When the​ movie download is​ complete,​ there will be a​ .mov video file on​ your computer .​
Just drag and drop this video file into the​ iTunes video library.
Once the​ .mov video file is​ in​ the​ video library,​ a​ thumbnail image will appear .​
If several movies are in​ the​ library,​ you’ll see several thumbnails .​
To select one for viewing,​ right-click on​ the​ desired movie file .​
From the​ menu that appears select,​ Convert selection for iPod.
Congratulations! You are now converting movies into iPod movies .​
The conversion process will be quick,​ lasting a​ few seconds to​ a​ few minutes .​
The amount of​ time it​ takes for conversion depends on​ the​ size of​ the​ video file being converted .​
The bigger the​ file size,​ the​ longer the​ conversion process .​
The converted file will be easy to​ identify because iTunes creates a​ new thumbnail for the​ converted movie file .​
It,​ too will reside in​ the​ iTunes Video library .​
At this point,​ you’re almost ready to​ view your iPod movies! the​ last step is​ to​ get iTunes in​ sync with iPod .​
Follow the​ normal procedure for syncing the​ two .​
Once you have finished this step,​ you’re ready to​ watch iPod movies – for FREE!
For more tips,​ tricks and techniques to​ download and watch movies in​ your ipod,​ please visit my blog on​ ipod movies now!

How To Download And Convert Movies Into Ipod Movies

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