How To Deal With A Bully In The Workplace

How to​ Deal With a​ Bully in​ the​ Workplace
Many people are unaware that adult bullying occurs,​ and chances are if​ you are being bullied at​ work you have no idea how to​ handle it .​
It can be hard to​ deal with an​ adult bully because workplace bullying is​ not widely known or​ understood .​
Often times the​ bully is​ a​ person of​ authority,​ making it​ even harder to​ deal with an​ adult bully .​
There are not set rules for dealing with an​ adult bullies there are harassment laws,​ so stopping an​ adult bully can be especially challenging .​
If you or​ someone you know needs help dealing with an​ adult bully,​ these tips can help.
The first thing you should do to​ deal with an​ adult bully is​ to​ keep a​ detailed written account of​ each instance of​ bullying .​
Being able to​ prove that you are constantly singled out for no reason and are the​ target of​ frequent attacks will go a​ long way to​ deal with an​ adult bully .​
Keep your records in​ a​ safe place,​ not at​ work where the​ bully can find them .​
You should also keep copies of​ all written interactions from the​ bully including memos,​ notes,​ and emails that prove you are being treated unfairly .​
Make a​ list of​ every instance of​ unfair treatment by the​ bully .​
If you are criticized or​ accused of​ wrongdoing by a​ bully and the​ claims are not true,​ ask for substantiated evidence of​ these claims and record in​ writing what the​ bully says .​
Many times the​ bully will not have a​ response or​ have evidence that is​ untrue .​
Their lack of​ answer or​ untrue answer will further prove your case and help to​ deal with an​ adult bully .​
You can even point out to​ the​ bully that making false accusations is​ a​ form of​ harassment and that you will seek out the​ proper recourse.
If you are not the​ only one being bullied,​ find other employees that have the​ same experiences and see if​ they want to​ pursue the​ bully together .​
Sometimes other employees that are having similar problems will be unwilling to​ cooperate,​ but sometimes they will be grateful for the​ help .​
More than one employee who have the​ same experiences with a​ bully will have better chances of​ dealing with an​ adult bully together .​
It will help that you are not the​ only one experiencing the​ problem and give validation to​ your claims.
If your occupation has a​ union or​ other professional organization,​ contact them about your bullying problem .​
Not all unions or​ organizations will help employees deal with an​ adult bully but many will or​ will have information you can use .​
You can also take your bullying problems to​ your manager or​ supervisor,​ unless they are the​ one doing the​ bullying .​
It is​ not usually a​ good idea to​ skip the​ proper chain of​ command,​ but if​ a​ supervisor of​ manager is​ the​ one bullying you,​ it​ may be a​ good idea to​ speak with their higher-up .​
If you are the​ victim of​ workplace bullying your should get a​ copy of​ your company's harassment and bullying policies so you knew what your rights are within the​ company.

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