How To Create Your Own Ebook And Profit From It Without Ever Writing A Single Word

How To Create Your Own Ebook And Profit From It Without Ever Writing A
Single Word

How to​ Create your own ebook and profit from it...WITHOUT EVER WRITING a​ SINGLE WORD!
Many people are making serious money online through eBooks .​
However,​ many who have tried to​ do so as​ well have failed because writing a​ quality ebook is​ very hard to​ do .​
The good news is,​ you can now have your own ebook,​ sell it,​ and make great profit without having to​ write a​ single word yourself! I​ assure you will make profits in​ a​ week! It has worked for me,​ and it​ has worked for many other people as​ well! Here are some tips that will help you get started:
1. First,​ find a​ niche .​
Finding a​ niche is​ the​ hardest thing you’ll have to​ do,​ and it’s not difficult at​ all! To find a​ great topic to​ write about,​ spend some time on​ Google .​
Search for things like major concerns of​ Americans (or the​ country where your target audience is​ located),​ or​ Popular topics .​
Also try checking out Amazon’s best-selling books,​ and get some ideas .​
Your niche can be about anything you want: from chicken soup recipes,​ to​ bike riding in​ Ontario… just make sure there is​ an​ audience ready to​ spend money on​ that information .​
2. Find a​ ghost writer.
This is​ the​ special part .​
It’s hard to​ write a​ quality ebook,​ so why not have someone else write it​ for you? First thing to​ do before you start looking is​ a​ budget .​
Once you have one,​ it’s time to​ find your freelancer .​
The best place to​ get a​ freelancer to​ do the​ job for you is​ at​ Elance .​
There you can look for writers available for hire,​ or​ post an​ offer and wait for someone to​ accept it .​
Other places to​ search for writers include forums like v7n and Digitalpoint .​
3. Sell your ebook .​
After you had your book written,​ it’s time to​ sell it​ and make a​ profit! Start by getting a​ domain name and a​ webhost,​ and setting up your landing page .​
Remember to​ make it​ catchy! When you’re done,​ try marketing your ebook though paid advertisements,​ forums,​ etc .​
and wait for your first sales .​
If you do it​ correctly,​ you should start gaining profit in​ a​ week!
Now that I’ve given you enough information to​ get started,​ why not take it​ further and learn more about the​ topic? Find out more information on​ how to​ more about creating your own ebook and profiting from it​ without writing a​ single word yourself,​ and start making money online instantly!
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How To Create Your Own Ebook And Profit From It Without Ever Writing A
Single Word

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