How To Create Software Without Knowing How

How to​ Create Software Without Knowing How...
In many ways software is​ the​ key to​ the​ future because it​ is​ the​ means by which people are going to​ set up and manage every aspect of​ their business whatever that may be .​
As our economy moves more and more onto the​ internet the​ need for the​ ability to​ create software is​ going to​ increase dramatically .​
As you​ know from economics 101 this large increase in​ demand will cause a​ proportional increase in​ the​ price of​ the​ service or​ skill of​ programming and the​ geek programmers are going to​ make loads of​ cash .​
This will then all level out but it​ will take a​ long time--so basically prices for necessary software soar and stay high for a​ good long period of​ time.
The resulting increase in​ the​ price of​ software will almost certainly be prohibitive to​ some companies and only the​ strong will remain .​
So what is​ my basic message then? Well it's simple either develop the​ ability yourself to​ create software,​ save up a​ lot of​ money so you​ can pay for it​ later,​ or​ develop the​ ability to​ see into the​ future to​ know all of​ different software tools that you​ will need to​ effectively run your company in​ 10 years and have it​ developed ahead of​ time for today’s prices .​
None of​ these options sound good if​ you​ aren't tech smart do they? Well that's because they are either wasteful or​ impossible save some sort of​ superhuman power .​
So is​ there another way?
Why of​ course there is! That's because people are always thinking into the​ future to​ try and come up with something that answers future problems and will make them a​ lot of​ money .​
Basically programmers have recognized the​ need in​ the​ future for software development and they have also recognized that if​ they can create something now they can get a​ leg up on​ all of​ the​ other programmers out there who have to​ wait to​ get there cut of​ the​ looming trend .​
In short they have developed software to​ create software!
Basically this software is​ able to​ take instructions from a​ person that knows how they want a​ tool to​ work but doesn't know how to​ write the​ code to​ make it​ happen .​
So more or​ less its a​ translator of​ the​ English language into a​ computer language .​
The great thing is​ that it​ also includes the​ ability to​ test the​ product and correct things automatically in​ order to​ create software that runs efficiently and is​ able to​ conform to​ the​ owners specifications even if​ they change over time.

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