How To Choose The Best Directories For Your Article Writing Campaign

If you have spent any time at​ all researching internet marketing strategies then you know that writing articles can help position you as​ an​ expert in​ your field,​ gain valuable targeted traffic for your web site,​ drive leads to​ your products,​ grow your email list,​ and quickly multiple your site's text links.

Once you are ready to​ dive into article marketing -- and you have a​ few articles all lined up and ready to​ submit -- you can quickly become overwhelmed by the​ sheer volume of​ article directories available. Sure you could simply use a​ search engine to​ locate article directories but a​ recent search netted me 17,​800,​000 results. That's enough to​ make anyone give up before they even begin! Plus that is​ really not a​ very effective way to​ determine the​ quality of​ a​ directory and doing your own quality check can be extremely time-consuming.

Why should you care about the​ quality of​ the​ directory? Just think about it. On the​ internet you are very much judged (by search engines and visitors alike) by the​ company you keep. Another important reason to​ carefully select your article directories is​ that your time is​ finite. it​ is​ better to​ regularly submit to​ a​ core group of​ high-quality directories than to​ throw the​ same handful of​ articles at​ every directory site you can find.

Finding the​ best high-quality article directories that meet your specific needs and match your specific goals can greatly increase the​ power of​ your article marketing campaign. You need to​ become a​ savvy article marketer to​ maximize your article marketing campaign.

Great,​ but how do you find those high-quality directories?

When I first embarked on​ article marketing I went straight to​ people who had been article marketing for a​ while and asked them for their top recommendations. I posted the​ question in​ a​ couple forums that I regularly check. I quickly assembled a​ list of​ hundreds of​ sites. Now obviously this list is​ much more manageable than the​ 17+ million I got from Google but still rather large. First I culled through and found the​ sites that were mentioned by more than one person and that list became my starting point. I then gathered as​ much information as​ possible to​ determine if​ they were right for me. I will share my criteria and priorities but you need to​ work out your own.

Here are the​ 10 essential questions I ask when reviewing a​ site:

1. How old is​ the​ directory? is​ it​ well established and ranked or​ is​ it​ new and growing? if​ not then I cross it​ off the​ list.

2. Can you easily identify who owns and/or operates the​ directory? is​ there a​ way to​ contact that person?

3. How fast do they respond to​ your email contacts and/or article posts?

4. How many authors does the​ site have listed? a​ lot of​ authors and articles mean a​ well established site but there may be room on​ a​ growing site for more exposure.

5. How many articles does the​ site have listed? Again a​ big site won't get knocked off my list for this but a​ small site that is​ growing steadily might be due for a​ good seo bump soon.

6. Think about the​ categories you are likely to​ need and see if​ they exist. is​ there a​ place to​ submit all your articles? if​ this is​ a​ niche directory it​ may be very narrow but then might also be to​ your benefit in​ the​ long run -- if​ at​ least some of​ your articles fit within the​ niche.

7. What special options does the​ site offer visitors and publishers? Do they provide RSS feeds,​ email alerts,​ forward to​ a​ friend function and other strategies to​ increase the​ distribution of​ your articles?

8. Are they responsible with the​ advertising clients they have on​ their site? ie: No popups,​ flashing,​ or​ offensive ads

9. Do they provide article reports to​ help you see which articles are getting viewed,​ rated,​ distributed or​ not?

10. How do the​ search engines view this site?

After visiting each directory and answering these questions it​ is​ easy to​ refine your list to​ a​ handful of​ top sites that you want to​ really concentrate your efforts upon. You can also maintain some a​ list of​ additional sites to​ submit to​ as​ time allows.

I also regularly re-evaluate my top article directory list. I check my backlinks and the​ directory stats to​ see how my articles are doing. Some sites move up and down my priority list (or even off the​ list entirely) when I investigate how they are performing for me.

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