How To Choose Audio Recording Software

How to​ Choose Audio Recording Software
The question: What features should I​ look for when choosing audio recording software?
The answer: It depends on​ what you​ want to​ record.
There are many low cost recording programs available that can be used to​ record from existing media (tape,​ cd's,​ vinyl lp's) or​ from radio and internet broadcasts .​
Even these low priced software programs have editing features and native effects that can be applied to​ the​ recording.
Live recording is​ best accomplished by using multitrack recording/editing software that incorporates tools and effects suitable for application to​ live voices and instruments,​ one of​ the​ most important being compression .​
Compression is​ essential to​ level the​ extremes in​ volume that inevitably occur in​ live recording.
Several features/capabilities should be considered when choosing software for live music recording (listed below).
Required features:
1 .​
Recording - record multiple stereo tracks
2 .​
Editing - edit a​ track's waveform
3 .​
Mixing - mix multiple tracks into one stereo track
4 .​
Effects - native (built-in) effects such as​ delay,​ reverb,​ fade in,​ fade out,​ flanger,​ compressor and various high/low filters
5 .​
File conversion - convert to/from the​ most popular music formats such as​ wav,​ wma,​ mp3
Additional useful features:
6 .​
Plug-ins - accepts 3rd party software plug-in effects and tools
7 .​
Ripping - pull individual tracks from music cd's
8 .​
Burning - copy recorded tracks to​ cd audio
Optional features (depending on​ need):
9 .​
Midi - record midi instruments (midi keyboards,​ synthesizers,​ guitars)
10 .​
Video - synchronize audio with video files
So,​ in​ conclusion,​ if​ you​ are recording music to​ computer from pre-recorded media,​ you​ can certainly get by with software on​ the​ low end of​ the​ price spectrum .​
But,​ if​ you​ want to​ create professional sounding mixes from live music,​ you'll need the​ higher level of​ sophistication available in​ a​ quality multitrack recording program.
Cost shouldn't be an​ issue in​ the​ choice as​ the​ difference in​ price between the​ low end software package and a​ quality multitrack program can be as​ little as​ $10 - $20.

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