How To Build Your Writing Style

Writing style is​ a​ writer’s uniqueness. When you build your unique style,​ you will be known for it. For instance,​ Ernest Hemingway used to​ begin his sentences with ‘and’ or​ ‘but’ that was his particular style; Dickens uses aesthetically complex sentences,​ and that’s his style. So,​ each writer has his own style,​ which is​ the​ sum total of​ all the​ writing mannerisms,​ choice of​ vocabulary,​ and grammar constructions. in​ this article we​ will discuss the​ importance of​ building such a​ writing style and see how we​ can do it.

1. Read more and analyze what you read as​ you go on. When you read professional publications and blogs,​ you will know more of​ what is​ in​ these days. You will know the​ specialty of​ a​ particular writer. This is​ a​ first step toward building your style.

Some professional publications I recommend reading include Readers’ Digest,​ news sites like BBC,​ the​ Telegraph,​ CNN,​ etc. While reading,​ give importance to​ the​ mannerisms,​ choice of​ words,​ sentence structures,​ etc.,​ used in​ the​ article.

2. Why I say ‘avoid Wikipedia’? Wikipedia is​ written by the​ commons,​ and is​ not entirely correct. Only their premium articles (which are locked from editing) are error-free. All other articles are edited by people,​ those who even don’t have an​ account there,​ and hence tend to​ be full of​ errors,​ grammatically and factually.

Hence,​ it​ is​ important that you read it​ only for information,​ not for building writing style. Always read professional blogs and other publications which give you some great advice on​ writing.

3. Give importance to​ your grammar and punctuation. the​ key feature of​ a​ writer is​ primarily his writing grammar and punctuation. When the​ writer composes an​ article full of​ errors,​ his credibility goes down instantly. So,​ it​ is​ extremely important for the​ people trying to​ get into a​ writing field to​ learn grammar and punctuation. Rules of​ grammar and punctuation are very simple and can be learned from such publications as​ AskOxford,​ Merriam Webster,​ etc.

4. There are disputes galore! Yes there are a​ lot of​ disputes as​ the​ what is​ correct and what is​ wrong in​ written English. For instance,​ if​ you check out Oxford comma (google ‘comma rules oxford comma),​ you will know many writers recommend using it,​ while some writers avoid it.

It is​ dependent on​ the​ writer what he chooses to​ use.


It is​ popular saying that writing has personality. Indeed. the​ personality of​ a​ writer is​ dependent on​ the​ words he uses,​ the​ usage,​ vocabulary he chooses,​ and the​ style.

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