How Meditation Can Change Your Life In 2006

How Meditation Can Change Your Life In 2006

Are you​ stressed out? Do you​ worry about your physical health? Your mental health? Your spiritual health? Do you​ wish you​ had less stress and anxiety in​ your life and more peace and harmony?

Well,​ I felt all of​ these things a​ few years ago and I thought I was going to​ go crazy or​ die. I was working 10-12 hours a​ day,​ 6 days a​ week at​ a​ very stressful job. I had a​ wife and two kids at​ home who wanted,​ and deserved,​ my time and attention. I had a​ mortgage,​ two car notes,​ tuition,​ medical bills,​ overdue taxes,​ and credit card debt coming out of​ my ears!

I was running nonstop through my days trying to​ take care of​ everything and make everybody happy but I never had enough time to​ take care of​ myself. in​ bed at​ night,​ my heart would pound from stress and anxiety. I worried about my job,​ my marriage,​ the​ kids,​ the​ bills,​ the​ house,​ my heath,​ and even my sanity.

My health was of​ particular concern. I felt tired all the​ time. I was gaining weight. My back was always hurting. Climbing even one flight of​ stairs left me breathless and dizzy. I felt like I was falling apart physically,​ mentally,​ and spiritually.

I was really worried about myself but I didn’t know what to​ do. I tried the​ gym,​ several fad diets,​ home exercise machines,​ and even time management programs. I had about the​ same results with each new thing I tried. They all seemed to​ help at​ first,​ but I just couldn’t stick with any of​ them for very long. I now realize that they didn’t work because they were all short term fixes to​ a​ long term problem. I had to​ change my life.

I knew I had a​ lot to​ learn,​ but I couldn’t afford to​ buy a​ bunch of​ books and everything at​ the​ library seemed to​ be outdated. So I made a​ habit of​ stopping at​ the​ local Barns and Noble on​ the​ way home from work each day. I read everything I could find on​ stress,​ anxiety,​ health,​ diet,​ and self-improvement. I felt like a​ cheat just sitting there reading the​ books without buying them but nobody seemed to​ mind. I usually bought a​ cup of​ coffee or​ tea just to​ ease my conscience a​ little.

I read a​ lot of​ great books with wonderful insights on​ improving one’s life. Not surprisingly,​ one subject came up over and over; meditation. I had tried to​ meditate several years earlier but had gotten frustrated and quit before really giving it​ a​ chance. But,​ I was desperate and determined to​ try anything that might help.

One book in​ particular said,​ “Start right now!” I was too embarrassed to​ sit in​ the​ book store and meditate,​ but I didn’t want to​ waste another moment. So I went out to​ my car,​ adjusted the​ seat into a​ comfortable position,​ set my watch alarm for 30 minutes,​ then closed my eyes and started counting my breaths.

That turned out to​ be a​ defining moment in​ my life. of​ course,​ I didn’t have instant success. Mediation takes practice and can be very difficult at​ times. But making the​ decision to​ incorporate meditation into my everyday life changed everything for me.

I continued to​ stop at​ the​ book store each night for a​ while and split my time between reading and meditating. Nothing else had changed in​ my life. I still had a​ stressful job,​ my marriage,​ my kids,​ my house,​ and bills but,​ somehow,​ I was feeling better—less stressed—even more energetic!

No,​ it​ didn’t magically solve all of​ the​ woes in​ my life. But once I started feeling more relaxed and less stressed,​ I was better able to​ focus on​ the​ other things I needed to​ do to​ become mentally,​ physically,​ and spiritually healthy.

I soon started a​ daily meditation practice at​ home. I also began a​ reasonable exercise plan that included walking,​ a​ light workout,​ and yoga. These things combined with eating right (most of​ the​ time),​ have literally changed my life. I’m now happier,​ healthier,​ and at​ peace with the​ world around me.

I hope this story inspires some of​ you​ to​ take that first step and begin incorporating meditation into your own life. This is​ the​ perfect time to​ make the​ decision. What better New Years resolution than to​ change your life for the​ better? There are numerous meditation methods and practices out there and a​ myriad of​ resources available to​ you​ in​ book stores and on​ the​ web. I’m sure you​ can find something that works for you.

In fact,​ I’ve compiled a​ host of​ information on​ mediation,​ relaxation,​ yoga,​ and other related subjects at​ my website: I would also be very happy to​ share my own experience. Please don’t hesitate to​ contact me at​ if​ you​ have any questions or​ comments.

In peace,​

Mike Suzuki

How Meditation Can Change Your Life In 2006

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