How Essential Fatty Acids Improve Your Brain Power And Mental Health

How Essential Fatty Acids Improve Your Brain Power and Mental Health
What is​ your brain made of?
Over 50% of​ your brain is​ made of​ good fat. Twenty percent of​ this good fat comes from EPA and DHA. Remember EPA and DHA comes from,​
* omega3 fatty acids
* eating fish
* borage oil
* primrose oil
* parilla oil
* NOK oil
I have covered all these oils in​ other articles except NKO Krill Oil. This oil is​ the​ new kid on​ the​ block. it​ comes from Antarctic krill,​ a​ crustacean found in​ the​ Antarctic waters. it​ provides EPA and DHA like borage oil does,​ but its chemical structure is​ phospholipids. Phospholipids are easier for your cells to​ absorb than borage oils EPA and DHA,​ which is​ in​ the​ form of​ triglycerides.
The essential fatty acids provide the​ chemical molecules to​ make Phospholipids. These phospholipids gather together to​ form a​ protective barrier around each cell in​ your body.
If the​ fatty acids are in​ phospholipids form,​ your body is​ able to​ use them quicker and more efficiently.
This is​ what makes NOK oil a​ more bioavailable advanced oil than borage or​ primrose oil.
If you​ are deficient in​ the​ essential fatty acids,​ you​ will be more susceptible to​ these conditions
* Alzheimers disease
* Anxiety and body stress
* Heart disease
* Attention deficit disorder
* Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
* Bipolar disorder
* Chronic fatigue syndrome
* Depression
* Learning disorders
* Memory impairment
* Parkinsons disease
* Schizophrenia
Making Your Brain Work Like it​ Should
Your brain needs a​ good daily supply of​ the​ essential fatty acid omega3. it​ also uses omega6 and AA Arachidonic acid. So this means taking a​ good dose of​ NKO oil is​ a​ necessary daily routine for keeping your brain from shrinking.
Alzheimers disease
Doctors believe that if​ every one lived to​ be over 120 years,​ they would come down with Alzheimers disease. it​ is​ a​ disease that once your have it,​ all you​ can do,​ at​ this time,​ is​ to​ slow its progression using certain ​Drug​s and nutrients.
Before your brain starts to​ deteriorate to​ where it​ contains nodules of​ toxins,​ excess oxidation due to​ free radicals,​ and weaken and narrowing blood vessels,​ it​ might be a​ good idea to​ start feeding it​ the​ food it​ needs.
DHA is​ in​ order for Alzheimers disease. When DHA is​ deficient in​ your diet,​ you​ can expect to​ have memory loss and become depressed as​ you​ age.
Lecithin is​ also in​ order since it​ helps to​ provide choline,​ a​ precursor to​ the​ memory neurotransmitter acetylcholine. it​ also provides the​ chemicals to​ produce RNA.
Heart disease is​ closely related to​ Alzheimers because the​ heart must be strong enough to​ pump plenty of​ blood into the​ brain and the​ arteries must open enough to​ circulate enough blood through the​ brain and throughout your body.
Even if​ you​ dont come down with Alzheimers or​ your family history doesnt support it,​ most of​ us are in​ line for dementia. Dementia is​ also attributed to​ deterioration of​ brain cells and support tissue. One of​ the​ causes of​ dementia is​ a​ diet that has been deficient in​ the​ essential fatty acids.
Here is​ my recommendation for supplementing with the​ essential fatty acids
* Eat more good fish,​ at​ least once a​ week and occasionally twice a​ week
* Eat less fat and particularly saturated fat. a​ good number for daily fat intake is​ 1520% of​ your overall calories.
* Take daily,​ flax seed oil and olive oil for the​ omega3 and omega6 oils
* Take a​ daily supplement of​ NKO or​ Borage oil,​ which supplies EPA and DHA

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