How Do I Protect My Child Online With Parental Monitoring Software

How Do I Protect My Child Online With Parental Monitoring Software

How Do I​ Protect My Child Online With Parental Monitoring Software?
Recent estimates put the​ number of​ pedophiles online at​ over one million.
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s 2018 annual study found that among children 10 to​ 17 who spent time online:
· 1 in​ 4 was exposed to​ photos of​ people having sex,​ even though about 1/3 of​ households reported using Internet blocking software.
· 1 in​ 5 was solicited for sex in​ the​ past year.
· 1 in​ 17 was threatened or​ harassed on​ the​ Internet,​ including threats of​ harm to​ the​ child,​ friends or​ other family members.
· 1 in​ 33 was aggressively solicited by someone they met online,​ meaning that the​ child was threatened,​ asked to​ meet,​ called on​ the​ phone,​ or​ received mail or​ gifts.
It is​ essential for parents to​ know what there child is​ doing online .​
Without parental monitoring software,​ you​ have no way of​ knowing exactly what your child is​ doing unless your standing over their shoulder watching the​ entire time.
How does parental monitoring software work? the​ basic function of​ it​ is​ to​ report what your child does on​ their computer .​
Common features include…
-- Chat Recording: This creates a​ transcript of​ both side of​ chat conversation,​ not in​ web-based chat rooms .​
Typically will record such instant messaging clients such as​ AIM,​ ICQ,​ MSN,​ Trillian,​ etc.
-- Email capture: It will create a​ copy of​ every email sent of​ received from the​ computer .​
Even deleted emails.
-- Programs run: It will keep track of​ every program (aka application) that is​ run by the​ user of​ the​ computer.
-- Keystroke logger: It will keep a​ log of​ every key press of​ the​ computer keyboard .​
This will enable the​ retrieval of​ passwords typed into website which generally appear on​ the​ screen as​ all *******.
-- Screen snapshot recording: It will on​ a​ predefined interval take pictures of​ the​ computer screen that can be later played back like a​ video recorder to​ see every action taken on​ the​ computer.
-- Website blocking: Using predefined or​ user defined lists,​ it​ will block black listed web site.
-- Website tracking: It will keep a​ log of​ every website and web page visited.
-- Print Logging: It will keep a​ copy of​ everything printed on​ the​ computer so that your can later recreate the​ printed documents.
-- Stealth Operation: It operates completely hidden to​ the​ computer user .​
There is​ nothing that shows in​ the​ task bar or​ in​ the​ task manager .​
It is​ invisible to​ the​ user account being monitored.
Most of​ the​ top parental monitoring software products include these features .​
Be sure check for the​ features that are most relevant to​ your needs.
Even with the​ best software,​ there is​ no replacement communicating with your child .​
Talk with your child about the​ risks,​ and let them know that they can talk to​ your if​ they encounter strangers on​ the​ internet.

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