How Do I Find The Best Homeschool Curriculum

How Do I Find The Best Homeschool Curriculum

Being a​ parent is​ a​ huge and very important job! You provide your children loving care for their physical needs as​ well as​ their emotional and spiritual needs. You are the​ one they look to​ for love,​ help,​ care and concern. You fix boo-boo's,​ read stories and chase away scary closet monsters at​ night. You play games,​ tell stories,​ and if​ you are like a​ lot of​ parents,​ you prepare and then send your children to​ school.

But wait! You have made the​ awesome,​ wonderful,​ and sometimes scary decision to​ homeschool.. So that means YOU'RE the​ TEACHER! But what do you teach? Many homeschool parents are always in​ the​ market for the​ best homeschool curriculum. What is​ home school curriculum? it​ is​ organized "classes" or​ subjects prepared for you by an​ outside company. They are generally teacher's manuals,​ workbooks,​ quizzes,​ tests,​ and study material for you and your child. You CAN homeschool without using curriculum,​ but due to​ the​ extreme amount of​ work,​ time and effort,​ and preparations that it​ would take; most homeschool parents choose to​ use curriculum.

Now,​ whether you are new to​ home schooling or​ have been doing it​ for years,​ parents are always looking for the​ best home school curriculum. During your journey,​ you will find curriculum you love,​ curriculum you hate,​ and curriculum that is​ just ok. the​ idea is​ to​ know what you are looking for in​ a​ curriculum. This way you can better judge if​ it​ is​ right for you and your family. I will outline 5 important steps to​ finding the​ best homeschool curriculum.

1.) Know what you like and what you don't (and what your kids like and don't)

This step is​ the​ most important step to​ finding the​ best home school curriculum. You need to​ know what motivates you,​ what motivates your kids and what doesn't. For example,​ my son HATES boring black and white worksheets. He loves math,​ but hates black and white worksheets. Once I figured this out,​ I could look for the​ best home school curriculum for him for math. we​ found it! it​ is​ a​ math curriculum that has lots of​ colors and even some pictures. it​ is​ essentially the​ same work and the​ same problems,​ but once I knew what motivates him and what doesn't; I could find the​ best curriculum for him.

2.) What subjects do you want to​ teach?

This sounds easy.. But wait until you get your first home school curriculum catalog! if​ you are anything like I was/am,​ you will get lost in​ all the​ wonderful things you can buy to​ help you teach your children. There's French,​ Chinese,​ Japanese,​ Latin,​ math,​ science,​ reading,​ handwriting,​ calligraphy,​ printing,​ phonics,​ history,​ history of​ the​ bible,​ ancient Rome,​ Greece,​ Egypt,​ civil war,​ pilgrims,​ history of​ the​ wars,​ dictionary skills,​ public speaking,​ spelling,​ vocabulary,​ and the​ list goes on​ and on​ and on!!!!! And who wouldn't want to​ teach their kids all of​ those things? I know I would! So narrow it​ down and figure out what subjects you want to​ teach. This will help you find the​ best home school curriculum.

3.) Do you want curriculum for a​ Christian perspective or​ a​ worldly perspective?

Just about every subject that you can teach your child can be taught from either a​ Christian or​ a​ worldly perspective. There are some great Christ centered companies! it​ is​ important to​ decide what you are looking for before hand. if​ you want only Christian curriculum,​ you can narrow your search and skip all the​ companies who do not present their curriculum in​ this manner. And if​ you want more of​ a​ worldly view you can do the​ same. This is​ a​ very important step to​ finding the​ best home school curriculum.

4.) Look for a​ good return policy!

As a​ rule,​ I do not buy it​ unless I can return it. Keep in​ mind that most of​ the​ time you do not have these books in​ your hand when you choose them. You are essentially reading a​ "sales pitch" for each and every piece of​ curriculum being offered in​ that catalogue. They all sound great! But I can tell you from personal experience,​ they are not all great! So look for a​ company that will let you return items if​ they are not what you had in​ mind. Curriculum is​ not cheap! it​ is​ REALLY not cheap if​ you buy something you don't like,​ and you can not return it. There are companies that will let you return materials within a​ certain period of​ time. I would highly recommend them over any others!

All of​ these steps are very important for choosing the​ best homeschool curriculum. But above all I would recommend step 5.

5.) Pray about it!

Ask the​ Lord for direction and guidance. Seek his face! This is​ a​ very important thing you are doing for your children. And it​ is​ not possible to​ do it​ well without God. So go to​ Him! Pray about each and every subject. Pray about what curriculum you should choose. God will bless this decision. He will help you choose the​ best homeschool curriculum. Trust Him and pray,​ pray,​ pray!

How Do I Find The Best Homeschool Curriculum

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