How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different

How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different

How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different?
It is​ not unusual for​ men to​ have hair transplant surgery for​ male pattern baldness .​
Even female baldness is​ discussed on​ commercials for​ hair transplant clinics .​
a​ less common use of​ hair transplant surgery is​ to​ replace eyebrow hair .​
However,​ this procedure is​ quite different from other hair transplant surgeries .​

It is​ important to​ replace eyebrow hair that has fallen out because it​ is​ such an​ integral part of​ the​ human face .​
People realize that men have receding hair lines and balding on​ the​ tops of​ their heads .​
It is​ not out of​ the​ ordinary to​ see a​ woman with thinning hair .​
Yet,​ look at​ a​ person without eyebrows and the​ effect will be disturbing .​
Eyebrows are just expected .​

Some people have hair transplant surgery to​ their eyebrows because the​ hair has simply fallen out over time .​
Others have thyroid disease or​ other diseases that affect their hair .​
a​ certain type of​ alopecia results in​ eyebrow loss .​
Excessive plucking can be a​ problem,​ too .​
Burns,​ tattoos,​ and infections can cause the​ eyebrow hair to​ fall out,​ and some people just are not able to​ grow eyebrows at​ all .​

Hair transplant surgery for​ eyebrows is​ different because eyebrows are different from scalp hair .​
for​ one thing,​ the​ hair has a​ distinct growth pattern with each section of​ the​ eyebrow pointing in​ a​ different direction .​
the​ hair forms a​ sharp angle so that it​ grows out and then flat to​ the​ face .​
Scalp hair has a​ much gentler angle .​

Eyebrow hairs do not grow in​ the​ same type of​ follicular units as​ scalp hair .​
Rather than growing in​ groups of​ one to​ four hairs,​ they are simply single strands of​ hair .​
you​ can see this if​ you​ look carefully in​ the​ mirror at​ your eyebrows .​
Hair transplant methods have to​ take this fact into account .​

When doctors do hair transplant surgery to​ replace eyebrows,​ they have to​ make sure that they put the​ hairs in​ so that they will point in​ the​ natural hair direction .​
for​ this,​ the​ surgeons use very fine gauge needles .​
They must also use this to​ help the​ hair to​ lie flat .​

Because the​ eyebrow hair is​ made of​ individual hairs,​ hair transplant surgery must involve creating those single units of​ hair .​
to​ do this,​ hair is​ taken from the​ scalp,​ just as​ in​ other hair transplant procedures .​
Then,​ the​ follicular units are divided into individual hair grafts .​
This is​ done with a​ stereomicroscope .​

Inserting these micro-grafts is​ a​ very tricky business .​
Creating the​ correct angles is​ difficult .​
If the​ patient does not have straight hair,​ her curly hair must be inserted by rotating it​ so that it​ lies even with the​ curve of​ the​ brow that is​ being made .​

One drawback to​ eyebrow hair transplant surgery is​ that eyebrow hair,​ which usually does not grow,​ will grow and need to​ be cut because it​ is​ actually scalp hair .​
Also,​ when the​ wounds heal,​ the​ lay of​ the​ eyebrows may change and not be so natural .​

However,​ if​ you​ need hair transplant surgery to​ replace your eyebrows,​ it​ is​ usually a​ much better alternative than other choices you​ have .​
Eyebrows drawn in​ with eyebrow pencil do not look natural at​ all,​ and the​ option of​ going without eyebrows is​ unthinkable to​ many people .​
Hair transplant surgery may just be your best bet .​

How Are Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures Different

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