How Anti Spam Software Works

How Anti Spam Software Works

It was not too long ago that email mailboxes were so full of​ junk mail and spam that they threatened to​ render electronic communication useless. When you​ opened up your email you​ were bombarded with poorly written advertisements for $ex,​ V!agra,​ and tons of​ other intentionally misspelled products,​ designed to​ evade any spam blocking devices. Those interested in​ consumer protection knew the​ ultimate goal,​ to​ eliminate and block spam,​ but as​ soon as​ they created a​ product designed to​ do just that,​ the​ spammers evaded their efforts by getting more creative. That is,​ until modern anti spam software was developed. Antispam software comes in​ a​ variety of​ forms,​ with the​ obvious ultimate intent of​ stopping unwanted emails from reaching you.


One of​ the​ primary anti spam methods is​ known as​ blacklisting. This software identifies the​ IP address of​ the​ spam sender,​ and then communicates with the​ Internet Service Provider of​ the​ sender and instructs the​ ISP to​ block mail from that IP address to​ your email account. in​ theory this is​ a​ fool proof solution. the​ reality,​ however,​ is​ that there is​ a​ lot of​ money to​ be made in​ spamming,​ so forcing a​ spammer to​ switch his IP address frequently is​ not too high a​ price to​ pay to​ evade blocking. That said,​ this practice does,​ over time,​ start to​ close down doors to​ spammers and all but eliminates amateur spammers who do not have the​ capability to​ frequently switch IPs.

Spam Votes

Many individuals who frequently use their email accounts will be familiar with this device. Spam voting software works through the​ participation of​ users. When you​ receive email you​ have the​ option of​ classifying it​ as​ spam,​ usually by pushing a​ button which says,​ unsurprisingly,​ ‘spam’. Once enough people classify a​ piece of​ mail or​ an​ IP as​ spam it​ falls in​ trust until ultimately it​ becomes completely blocked from addresses.


Profiling involves learning the​ common characteristics of​ spammers and spam mail. it​ is​ software that looks for things like bugs,​ invalid message ID’s and other traits and uses these characteristics to​ evaluate incoming pieces of​ mail. Each piece of​ mail is​ then given a​ score depending upon how it​ fares against these criteria. the​ user is​ then given the​ option of​ how high or​ how low to​ set the​ bar with regard to​ which emails are let in. This method has been shown to​ be immensely effective against amateur spammers and many professional spammers. However,​ it​ relies upon a​ ready team of​ professionals to​ identify new traits used by spammers and to​ incorporate those traits into the​ profiling algorithms.

Bayesian Filtering

The most promising spam blocking software follows no rules. Rather,​ it​ constantly learns new techniques to​ fight spam by scanning the​ mail you’ve read and comparing it​ to​ the​ mail that you​ have rejected. This highly sophisticated software uses the​ data that it​ gleans from thousands of​ users to​ identify which items are spam and which are not. it​ then has the​ capability to​ adjust its standards to​ your particular preferences. Over time,​ it​ becomes adept at​ sending you​ only the​ emails that you​ want,​ and blocking the​ emails that you​ do not.

How Anti Spam Software Works

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